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Runique - Same server, new website!


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Hi guys,


Based on feedback the website was very confusing, so I've gone ahead and taken the time to remove the old website and replace it with this, whilst we use a licensed software for the Website, it was coming up for renewal (cost around 105$ to renew + 100$ for new features + 25$ to change it's primary installation URL).


The website now is used to store the following:

  • Downloads
    • This has been separated into 2 Download pages, with separate information to not be as overwhelming as it was before (the previous Play page now redirects to the Universal file by default), the 2 pages are:
  • But what about the rest of the website?
    • Well as I was needing to renew the licenses, I was planning on switching to a headless CMS (Content management system) but instead opted to go for a less stressful version which is this, the forum part of the website won't really be used for anything other then delivering content to both Discord and the home page (similar to CMS like WordPress, Joomla or headless CMS) the primary objective of the new website is hold the Discord, Store, Vote, Knowledge base, Updates and Dev Blogs and some other small things, but primarily the home page will display the most up-to date information, with some quick links on the sidebar to jump to rules, and guides.


Whilst the website at the moment may not look the most aesthetically pleasing, I plan on redesigning the login screen to match this (in some way), but soon we will have a halloween theme active on the Website.




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