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Donator store, items and bug fixes.


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The donator store has returned, you can see it by visiting https://runique.io/store/


Bug fixes:

  • The quest tab has been updated to display new information
  • Nex AOD has had their drop table updated, items are now significantly more common.
  • Nex will no longer require all players in the room to leave to attack.
  • Legacy bonds and Legacy untradeable bonds can now be redeemed as intended.
  • The slayer reward shop will now open instead of the General Store.
  • The portal inside of COS will now spawn in the correct location and won't block you accessing Voldemort.
  • The Chaos Fanatic will no longer not deal any damage, doing it's AOE Attacks.
  • You can now exit the Member's cave via the Rope, you will no longer get the "You feel a mysterious power blocking" you message.
  • A few missing maps have been re-added to the Server side.
  • When a Loot Key destroys it's self upon "Check key" on Loot Keys, this is not a bug the Keys are designed to destroy themselves if they're empty


Content changes:

  • Various bosses in the game have had their respawn timers reduced, including Nex (20 Seconds)
  • Both Nex variants had their handlers re-written.
  • A few lamps shared the same timers, they now have their own timers.
  • Double PKP Scrolls have been added.
  • Boxes no longer show a misleading interface, they now just place loot right in your inventory.
  • Various bosses will now display the MVP to group, this is to help aid with the Dust of Luck.


Donation changes:

Previously I mentioned changes to the Donation store, some changes have taken place, so here's the most UpToDate information!


Bond Changes

  • 50$ Bond
    • Now gives 3 Free Donator Mystery boxes upon opening.
  • 100$ Bond
    • Now gives 1 free item worth anywhere from 2$ to 100$
    • Now gives 5 Free Donator Mystery boxes upon opening.





What are Mystery bags?

Mystery bags give you 3x the rolls of the regular Mystery box and only Premium key of boxes can be used on for a guaranteed rare item or greater.

What are mystery chests?

Mystery chests give you 5x the rolls of the regular Mystery box and only Epic key of boxes can be used on them, for double loot, did I mention your 5th Roll is always a guaranteed rare or greater item?

What are Premium key of boxes?

Premium key of boxes are an upgrade to the regular Key of Boxes (5% chance to forge), these will garuantee your third roll to be Rare or greater.

What are Epic key of boxes?

Epic key of Boxes are an upgrade to the Premium key of boxes (25% Chance to forge),these will garuantee your 7th roll to be Rare or greater, that's right 7 roll instead of 5!

How can I tell the difference between Donator Tickets?

New donator tickets look like this:

  • QuKbhV7.png

Legacy donator tickets look like this:

  • m08PmAL.png

Side by side comparison:

  • dfEwY4k.png

What are double PKP tickets?

Double PKP Tickets will grant you double PKP for 25 Minutes, these can be gained passively whilst engaging in PvP.


Dust of Luck



Dust of Luck has a few little neat effects, tradeable, auto-keep too, Dust of Luck can't be used/consumed like a traditional item, instead they activate at will (25%) chance, and Dust is only consumed when activated.

  • Item Forge
    • 25% Chance to save all materials from your forge attempt (only when the attempt fails)
  • Keys & Mystery items
    • 25% Chance to save your Key of Boxes (of all variety's) when opening Mystery Items.
  • Bossing
    • 25% Chance to spawn a superior version of that Monster (Currently only works on Everlasting, Glough, Galvek and Nex), a Lesser version will be available for Slayer creatures via Donator points.
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