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Donation System, Donator Tickets and Donator Daily Reward changes.


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The donation system will be making it's return this month, with it a new Donator Shop, due to the ever so increasing of alting for Donator rewards, a few changes have been implement.


Donator Tickets & Bonds (Legacy items)

Donator tickets and any existing bonds will be updating to "(Legacy)" variants, Donator Tickets (Legacy) can be used at the old Donator Shop, due to the amount of bonds coming into the Game from the store and various activities, they have also been updated to (Legacy) variants, and will only give Donator Tickets (Legacy) and the amount the bond is named after to your total donated, after the end of February, Battlepass will no longer give Donator Tickets, and current battlepasses will continue to give Donator Tickets (Legacy), new accounts will not be able to obtain Tickets.

Donator tickets (Legacy) can be spent at the "Retired credit manager"




New Donator Tickets and Donator Shop

New Donator Tickets can be spent at "Hatius Cosaintus (Donations)" who can be easily spotted with a Bond Icon above his name!





There's a lot of items in this store, so here's a breakdown:


  1. Row 1 -
    1. Gamble scroll
    2. Donator mystery box
    3. Donator mystery bag
    4. Donator mystery chest
    5. Epic pet box
    6. Epic pet mystery bag
    7. Epic pet mystery chest
    8. Raids mystery box
    9. Raids mystery bag
    10. Raids mystery chest
  2. Row 2 -
    1. Elite epic elite pet mystery box
    2. Zenyte mystery box
    3. Revenant mystery box
    4. Colorless partyhat
    5. Colorless mask
    6. Infernal dyes for the Colorless items/infernal cape
      1. Green = Double rewards for voting
      2. Pink = 5% Drop rate
      3. Magma = Infernal cape stat boost/make colorless partyhat or mask auto-keep untradeable nezzy faceguard.
  3. Row 3 -
    1. Genie
    2. Virtus Mask
    3. Virtus top
    4. Virtus robe
    5. Pernix coif
    6. Pernix body
    7. Pernix chaps
    8. Torva helm
    9. Torva platebody
    10. Torva platelgs
  4. Row 4 -
    1. Torva boots,
    2. Mythical gloves
    3. Mythical cape
    4. Mythical boots
    5. Staff of Armadyl (auto cast PvP Weapon)
    6. Korasi's sword
    7. Divine spirit shield
    8.  Elysian spirit shield
    9.  Ancient warrior axe
    10. Ancient warrior sword.
  5. Row 5 -
    1. Ancient warrior clamp
    2. Magma helm (more strength bonus)
    3. Tanzanite helm (More magic bonus)
    4. Holy ornament kit
    5. Scythe of vitur
    6. Twisted bow
    7. Sanguine ornament kit
    8. Ancient signet
    9. Dexterous prayer scroll
    10. Arcane prayer scroll
  6. Row 6 -
    1. 5$ Bond (U)
    2. 50$ Bond (U)
    3. 100$ Bond (u)
    4. 2x PKP (30 Minutes)
    5. Premium Key of boxes
    6. Epic Key of boxes

What are Mystery bags?

Mystery bags give you 3x the rolls of the regular Mystery box and only Premium or Epic key of boxes can be used on them for double loot!

What are mystery chests?

Mystery chests give you 5x the rolls of the regular Mystery box and only Epic key of boxes can be used on them, for double loot, did I mention your 5th Roll is always a guaranteed rare or greater item?

What are Premium key of boxes?

Premium key of boxes are an upgrade to the regular Key of Boxes (5% chance to forge), these will net you double loot on Mystery boxes and bags, with a 30% chance to save the key upon consumption.

What are Epic key of boxes?

Epic key of Boxes are an upgrade to the Premium key of boxes (25% Chance to forge), these net you double loot on Mystery boxes, bags and chest, with a 50% Chance to save the key upon consumption, if this fails, it will turn into a Premium key of boxes.


How can I tell the difference between Donator Tickets?

New donator tickets look like this:

  • QuKbhV7.png

Legacy donator tickets look like this:

  • m08PmAL.png

Side by side comparison:

  • dfEwY4k.png



Daily Donator reward system changes

Previously I didn't mind the odd one or two people using alts to claim additional donation rewards, but as of the announcement of the new store, people have taken this chance to bond 10s of accounts, to mitigate any game breaking exploits, the Daily Donator rewards will only be available for one person a house hold (similar to Daily Login rewards), so make sure you claim your reward on the account you want!

A similar change has been added to the Weekly rewards, you will automatically gain your weekly rewards when reaching 7 days total claimed rewards (so make sure you login to claim them every day!) 

Note: Each account has a separate counter.

Additionally, Ruby accounts are no longer eligible for Subscriber caskets, this was an oversight and was originally designed for Emerald accounts, and Donator Tickets (of all quantities and types) have been removed from the table.


The Donation System

The donation system will see it's return soon, with a cap of 150$ on the Store per an order.

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