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Developer blog - the reason for the long delays

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Client fixes:

  • Memory significantly reduced on load up.
  • Textures should no longer turn into weird patterns.
  • Some interfaces were overlapping they have been resolved.
  • Some items would appear "broken" and detexture during animations this has been fixed.
  • An issue that was preventing just changing item textures have been fixed.
  • The client can now recolour things properly
  • Some interfaces had overlapping sprites, this has been fixed by globalising them (multiuse)
  • Some interfaces used a large sprite as a background image, the Client can now generate and add borders to interfaces as it should've originally been able to.
  • Over 50 custom interfaces have been updated to use this code
  • Similarly to the above message "light brown", "dark brown" and "normal" sprites were being made in photoshop, the Client can now do it it's self.
  • Donator and Vote bosses no longer appear as Leprechauns
  • New sprite caches have been created as older ones were corrupted (317).


Client changes

  • The client now has support for "moduler" interfaces, this means in the future we may see Spellbook filtering, along with moveable spells.
  • The shop interface has been updated:
    • Old
      • ixebpkg.png
    • New:
      • L5dg9T7.png
  • Preset interface changes:
    • Old
      • 0aih4bS.png
    • New
      • KISr34u.png
    • Curses interface:
      • 5Z11jph.png
    • Quest tab overhaul:
      • Old:
        • 9Phl8RJ.png
      • New:
        • 0zjvxum.png


Many more interfaces have been updated too!

Server fixes:

  • You can now leave the Donator Zone
  • The Chamber of Secrets now gives the amount of rewards as originally intended.
  • Some ranged special attack weapons have been altered, these will be tried on the BETA World when the client is ready for it.


Skull System changes:


  • All items are risk except for auto-keep and untradeables, protect item can be used.
  • 8UUaWFQ.png
  • Normal Skull (keys)
    • These skulls show how many Loot Keys you have on you!
      • ML1FcLS.pngxIzTCJz.png2yziq1p.pngwWSIZxN.png0swND81.png
  • Red skull
    • All items are risked, except for auto-keep untradeables (this means normal auto-keep items, including pets are risked on death)
      • CXgDYQO.png
  • Blighted skull
    • Blighted skull unlike Red and Normal allows you to protect one item (using Protect item prayers/curse, auto-keep of all varieties are kept on death) however it blocks the use of all Nifflers in all Wilderness levels and Zriawkes/Fawkes past level 30 Wilderness, a Blighted Skull can be obtained only in Revenant Caves or Donator Caves
      • for the PvMers it offers additional damage in PvM, 2% Wilderness drop rate increase (5% Inside of Rev caves, Slayer caves and Donator caves) (stacks with trinkets)
      • For the PvPers it offers 1.5 PKP, Increased ramdom  loot chance and double blood money (stacks with trinkets).
        • c1HtmTX.pngmXR5WSF.pngejEszwG.pngeK9PWCq.pngfotGZav.pngHU1CCOI.png

Loot Key (PvP) Changes

I previously said I wanted to update the loot key system massively, now when you kill a player it will attempt to transfer the loot key loot to you, if it fails all loot will be destroyed, in addition you may find yourself with extra rewards the more wealth you risk inside of your keys.


Curse prayers

Based on feedback about Nex, Angel of Death, she will drop a "Cursed scroll" which will unlock the Cursed prayer book, this is currently Work in progress, additionally the Torment and Anguish curse prayers will be making their way into the game (Mage and Ranged) variants of turmoil, but at what cost?




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