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Blighted Slayer, Wilderness Rework & Account Transfers FAQ


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Blighted slayer

There seems to be some confusion about Blighted Slayer, so hopefully I will be able to answer these questions here.

Blighted Slayer is a Slayer system that has it's own rewards, points and streaks, additionally, the "blighted" slayer variants found in the Wilderness have additional drops if killed on Slayer task (they have a rewarding table even without being on Task!) and have a 25 Minute or 35 Minute timer, depending on whether you're on a Blighted slayer task or Blighted boss slayer task.

If you are able to complete your Blighted slayer task within the timeframe you're given, you will be given some blood money and extra rewards (this varies from anything from the Blood money shop, to Boxes, to Keys).

When on a blighted slayer task, only the Blighted fused niffler will pickup items and send them to your bank, normal/fused niffler will not work this is to introduce risk vs reward.


If you're not able to complete your Blighted task in the allotted times, you will not receive additional blood money, and the forementioned boxes/keys/blood money items, and lose access to the additional table on-task.



Wilderness rework

The wilderness rework is still underway, but before I can continue with it, I need to know if the community would like the new wilderness from OldSchool RuneScape  because this will dictate the future of the content changes in the Wilderness (updating to this data, pretty much makes Everlasting, Glough and Galvek dead content) due to the upgrades, which means I can move their accompanying armours to the new/old bosses.

If this is to come into the game the following items will be changed:

  • Korasi's sword
    • Voidwaker
  • Blessed korasi's sword
    • Blessed voidwaker

Unlike OSRS the new PvP Weapons:

  • Webweaver bow
  • Accursed sceptre
  • Ursine chainmace

Will be upgrades to the following:

  • Craw's bow (c)
    • Fang of Venenatis
  • Thammaron's sceptre (c)
    • Skull of Vet'ion
  • Viggora's chainmace (c)
    • Claw's of Callisto


and much more!


Account tranfers

Account transfers are not yet available (from Runique to Ancestral), I can't go into much detail about how they work, but essentially results in your Runique account being deleted, and item quantities reduced for particular items, please stop contacting me asking when they're available, they will be available some point soon, and everyone will be made aware when this is the case.

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