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Ancestral - Early Game improvements (batch 2), Slayer/Wilderness Rework & Core changes.

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Shop Changes

Previously in an attempt to make the Server more player friendly, I tried to create a universal system, instead it was overwhelming with choices of Shops, so the Shop System will be reverted into a more "traditional" shop system with some improvements inspired from late RuneScape 2.

  • Shops now only access the single shop, with this change each item will display it's cost (or whether it's free) along with the type of currency required to make your purchase:
    • fLPdc0f.png
    • At the moment (Points) which do not have an Item ID associated to them will display a friendly name.
  • A complaint on Ancestral last year was not knowing which shop does what (even which NPC Does what), a new Client setting will be available (enabled by default) to display some of the most common shops/NPCs uses, an example is:
    • Drunken dwarf has a Cannon barrel to indicate this is where you claim your Dwarf multicannon back.
    • Blood money merchant now has Blood Money floating above their head.
    • The trinket merchant now shows a Lesser PvP Trinket above their head;
      • BllNq8y.png

Slayer rework

There will be 2 Slayer Masters available on the Slayer rework

  • Slayer (Normal)
    • Will continue to work similar to the current system, the amount of points will be significantly lowered when selecting a task you can choose "A regular slayer task" or "boss slayer task", these tasks can be completed in a mix of inside and outside of the Wilderness.
  • Blighted Slayer
    • Blighted slayer requires you to complete your Slayer Task within a set amount of time, Blighted Slayer can spoil you with massive amounts of rewards, blood money and points, Blighted Slayer tasks can only be completed inside of the Wilderness.
    • Blighted Slayer has it's own unique version of existing Slayer Monsters, an example of this is:
      • 6JbCSvp.png
    • Which drops a new attachments for the (blue) Abyssal tentacle as an example, and upgrades for the Abyssal dagger.

When completing a Blighted Slayer task in your required time, all standard Blighted Slayer rewards will be doubled upon completion, failing to will give you the option to cancel your task (cancel streak) or continue your Slayer Task half the amount of rewards (Points, XP, Blood Money).


The Wilderness boss rework has been put on pause whilst we look into updating to the latest OSRS Data and perhaps move certain content to the newly introduced OSRS Wilderness bosses.


AFK Timer

To prevent people from exploiting the Loot Activity Boxes, we will be introducing an AFK Guard, the AFK Guard will appear randomly between 15 Minutes and 30 Minutes, you will have 30 Seconds to talk to the AFK Guard (who makes their presence known), failing to will move you to the Jail! inside of the Jail you will not be able to receive any Activity Boxes, however don't worry, you can simply leave by talking to any AFK Guard inside the Jail, unfortunately for rule breakers, you will not be able to leave this way when Jailed.



Core server changes

  • Some processes on login were taking an exceptionally long amount of time to load (in some cases 5-7 Seconds), these issues have been resolved and should no longer have a blank screen appear for that amount of time.
  • Movement has been made a priority.
  • Over 600 unused files have been removed.
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