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Ancestral Updates - 29/01/2023

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With this a NEW Client will be available here: https://runique.io/ancestral-launcher/

Event Storage System

Previously, there was a lot of Systems that would just put stuff into your bank, and ultimately get lost in the void, today we've added a new system called Event Storage, this is pretty much a Rewards Coffer, and rewards are sent here, the Event Storage interface will only appear inside of the Home Area, based on feed back from the Developer Blog, this Widget can be closed and won't bother you again until you relog and enter the Home Area.


The Event Storage system is only accessible at Home, and will collect rewards for you from the following (automatically):

  • Donating
  • Voting
  • Completing an Achievement (you will no longer have to claim these manually, already completed achievements will need to be manually claimed, if not claimed already).
  • Completing a BINGO Log (you will no longer have to claim these manually, already completed BINGO Logs will need to be manually claimed, if not claimed already).
  • Completing a Collection Log (you will no longer have to claim these manually, already completed Collection Logs will need to be manually claimed, if not claimed already).
  • Tournaments
  • Daily Login rewards
  • Daily Tasks
  • Additional PvP Rewards (what's this?)
    • Random caskets from PvP Kills
    • Random items from PvP Kills
  • New donator tier rewards
  • Maintenance
    • In the (rare) occurence that Ancestral is down for an extended period of time, we now have the ability to give people rewards, there's 3 different ways we can do this:
      • Give specific people rewards (regardless of whether they're online or offline)
      • Give everybody online a reward.
      • Give every a reward (even if they're offline).


Daily Login Rewards

Being alone and confused or even cleaned for our older players, is never fun for anyone, so to help aid you on your rebuild or your new journey, I've added Daily Login rewards, everyday when you login (on a new day), you will receive a login reward, this is limited to one person per a household.

Whilst this system is complete, the Reward pool is not, so I have nothing to report here about the rewards, but they will have quite the variety available!

Note: New accounts will not be illegible for a Daily Login reward until the second day of account creation.


The reward pool for Daily Login rewards are as follows, you are always guaranteed 80,000 Blood Money.:

  • Common
    • Dharok pieces
    • Ahrim top or bottom
    • Kharil's top or bottom
    • Amulet of Fury
    • Master wand
    • Mage's book
    • Dragon boots
    • Granite maul
    • Ranger boots
    • 1,250 Ring of Recoils
  • Uncommon:
    • Weapon mystery box
    • Armour mystery box
    • Donator mystery box
    • Key of Boxes
  • Rare
    • Dragon claws
    • Armadyl godsword
    • Bandos godsword
    • Neitiznot faceguard
    • Bandos chestplate
    • Bandos tassets
    • Armadyl chestpalte
    • Armadyl chainskirt
    • Legendary donator box
  • Very rare
    • Primordial boots
    • Eternal boots
    • Pegasian boots
    • Elite pet box
    • Raids mystery box 



Activity Rewards


For every hour you play Ancestral you will receive one these at random (rarity will not be public):

  • Bonds
    • 100$
    • 50$
    • 30$
    • 20$
    • 20$
    • 5$
  • Boxes
    • Epic pet boxes
    • Raid boxes
    • Donator boxes
    • Legendary donator boxes
    • Vote boxes
  • Items
    • Variety of high-tier raid items, to basic PK Gear.


Item Rarities & Loot Beams (these will be available later or tomorrow, but the code is already in place)

Previously it wasn't uncommon to see new players scammed by other players, due to them not knowing the rarity of the item they hold, to counteract this a new system has been implemented on both the Client and Server, which is Item Raritys.

For the moment only BIS/Expensive items are highlighted properly as this is a BETA Feature, this means loot beams will only appear for Exotics at the moment too.


  • Normal items
    • Normal items have Orange text, and cannot be spawned.
    • Normal items have no item tag.
  • Spawnable items
    • Spawnable items have Orange text, and can be spawned.
    • Spawnable items have the tag (spawnable) next to them.
  • Uncommon items
    • Uncommon items have Green text, and cannot be spawned, these are usually around 10k-30M Blood money.
    • Uncoomon items have the tag (uncommon) next to them.
  • Rare items
    • Rare items have Cyan text and are usually mid-tier items worth 30M-50M Blood money.
    • Rare items have the tag (rare) next to them.
  • Epic items
    • Legendary items have Pink text and are usually worth over 50M Blood money.
    • Legendary items have the tag (Legendary)
  • Exotic items
    • Exotic items have Yellow text and are items that extremely rare or current best in slot,
    • Exotic items are tagged either (BIS) or (Exotic) to identify if they're just really rare, or if they're currently Best in Slot.


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