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Ancestral - Early Game improvements

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Firstly, I'd just like to start off, if you're looking for an update about the planned Wilderness changes, there's a slight delay, as I want to put fourth early game experience and QOL First before taking on a heavy change on the Wilderness, this is purely because I want to make the early game as easy to understand as possible before doing an overhaul to the Wilderness, the reason for this is because there's no point doing a Wilderness overhaul if the early game isn't easy to understand.


Vote system changes

Major Change (Vote boosting)

The vote system has been updated! the voting system will now block any votes you may have done on another machine, this is done in an effort to prevent Vote Abuse, the server will block you from claiming anymore, reducing the rewards to 0.

Vote Streaks

Vote streaks are a new incentive to keep you voting! You can vote twice a day everyday! doing so will net you with a "Vote streak", when Vote Streaks hit a certain threshold, you will be given additional rewards, on top of your voting reward, they are as follows:

  • 10 Votes
    • 3 Donator Box (u)
  • 25 Votes
    • 25 Vote tickets
  • 50 Votes
    • A rare mystery box (random, out of a set list of high tier boxes)
  • 100 Votes
    • 3 Mystery tickets (u)


Vote streak rewards will also be obtainable every time you hit a threshold without a higher threshold available, this means at 20 Votes you will be illegible for another 3 Donator boxes, and your next set of rewards becoming available at 25 (Vote tickets), and additional 3 more boxes at 30, however this does not mean at 50 Votes you will receive 25 Vote Tickets, and 3 Donator boxes, you will just receive a rare mystery box, this means your next Rare Mystery box is available at 150 Votes.


Voting at least once everyday will net you a reward of a 50$ Bond (u).


Note: Voting twice a day, counts as 2 days.

Item Rarity

Previously it wasn't uncommon to see new players scammed by other players, due to them not knowing the rarity of the item they hold, to counteract this a new system has been implemented on both the Client and Server, which is Item Raritys.



Item rarity follow the following key:

  • Normal items
    • Normal items have Orange text, and cannot be spawned.
    • Normal items have no item tag.
  • Spawnable items
    • Spawnable items have Orange text, and can be spawned.
    • Spawnable items have the tag (spawnable) next to them.
  • Uncommon items
    • Uncommon items have Green text, and cannot be spawned, these are usually around 10k-30M Blood money.
    • Uncoomon items have the tag (uncommon) next to them.
  • Rare items
    • Rare items have Cyan text and are usually mid-tier items worth 30M-50M Blood money.
    • Rare items have the tag (rare) next to them.
  • Epic items
    • Legendary items have Pink text and are usually worth over 50M Blood money.
    • Legendary items have the tag (Legendary)
  • Exotic items
    • Exotic items have Yellow text and are items that extremely rare or current best in slot,
    • Exotic items are tagged either (BIS) or (Exotic) to identify if they're just really rare, or if they're currently Best in Slot.


Okay, that's great, but what if a new player doesn't multi-coloured LGBTQ+ stuff in their inventory, well that's a great question, there's a solution for that too! Loot Beams!


Loot beams are a new addition to Ancestral and will surely catch your attention on the floor, a loot beam will appear just for you if you drop and item or receive a drop, and will become visible for everyone else when the Item does too, Loot Beams much like Item Rarity's will change colour depending on the rarity of your loot, which makes me please to announce that loot beams will now appear over any raids chest.


Event Storage

There's a lot of Systems in Ancestral that will just put items straight into your bank, even if you ask it nicely not to (not to mention this is confusing for new players trying to find their rewards)! so let me introduce you to your Event Storage, your new best friend!




Event storage is only accessible at home, and it's dancing chest will disappear when you leave the home area or empty out your chest (you can also toggle this off and search the Loot Chest at home if it really irritates you!), the Event Storage chest will collect the following rewards from you from various activities, this is a new addition because based on previous feedback in the past on Ancestral, people really struggled to find their loot, so now your loot will go straight into your chest instead of the bank, it can collect your rewards from:

  • Donating
  • Voting
  • Completing an Achievement (you will no longer have to claim these manually, already completed achievements will need to be manually claimed, if not claimed already).
  • Completing a BINGO Log (you will no longer have to claim these manually, already completed BINGO Logs will need to be manually claimed, if not claimed already).
  • Completing a Collection Log (you will no longer have to claim these manually, already completed Collection Logs will need to be manually claimed, if not claimed already).
  • Tournaments
  • Additional PvP Rewards (what's this?)
    • Random caskets from PvP Kills
    • Random items from PvP Kills
  • New donator tier rewards
  • Maintenance
    • In the (rare) occurence that Ancestral is down for an extended period of time, we now have the ability to give people rewards, there's 3 different ways we can do this:
      • Give specific people rewards (regardless of whether they're online or offline)
      • Give everybody online a reward.
      • Give every a reward (even if they're offline).


Daily Login Rewards

Being alone and confused or even cleaned for our older players, is never fun for anyone, so to help aid you on your rebuild or your new journey, I've added Daily Login rewards, everyday when you login (on a new day), you will receive a login reward, this is limited to one person per a household.

Whilst this system is complete, the Reward pool is not, so I have nothing to report here about the rewards, but they will have quite the variety available!

Note: New accounts will not be illegible for a Daily Login reward until the second day of account creation.

If you manage to find yourself logging in everyday for a full a month, you'll find yourself with an extra surprise of a 10$ Bond!


Box Accessibility

Some players can only play for an hour or two a day, some people can't afford to donate, and they shouldn't spend that time begrudgingly grinding out items, so a few things are going to be changing in the upcoming update this week-end:

  • Activity boxes make it's return with properly weighted tables.
    • This was planned and why the 3 Minute logout timer was reintroduced.
  • The previously mentioned Login Reward system
  • Voting will have a 1/3 Chance to give you a random Donator, Legendary Donator boxes or a Key of Boxes.
  • Daily Task system is being overhauled to give more boxes, rewards and variety.
    • 1 Daily task of each tier will be doubled everyday. 
  • More bosses will drop boxes other then Cosmetic, Armour and Weapon boxes.


Changing how we give you information

Previously we were quite overwhelming with information, or gave very little, you have noticed in the previous screen shots a new way we intend on passing information to you.




There are over 40 different new Information boxes added to the Client, some that show items, two items, an item on each side of the box, different rows, 2 items on each side, etc etc, this is a new attempt to convey information both new and old players without making you read long blocks of texts on Interfaces, whilst some content may require their own guides in forms of big interfaces full of text, I believe this will be a nicer way to give new, old and returning players information.

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