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Ancestral update 25/01/2023

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In todays updates we see mostly bug fixes, with some core changes and content changes ready for future updates.

  • Fawkes & Genie now work (other pets will becoming tomorrow)
    • Fawkes now works as intended.
  • XP Increased to 135 XP for trained accounts (including Slayer and Prayer)
  • Voting system will now only allow you claim votes every 12 hours, even if you voted again on another device.
    • This is in preparation for Voting Streaks 
  • The Ancestral game has been seperated from Runique via SQL and now has it's own database.
  • Previously Ancestral wasn't uploading it's PvP Data correctly, this has been corrected and will be added as a visible in-game highscore going forward.
  • Daily Reward system has been updated internally ready for improvements.
  • Massive refactoring in preparation of the Wilderness rework.




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