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Ancestral (website) coming soon, and important information about Runique!


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Ancestral changes

In the coming weeks Ancestral will be moved to the following domains


With this, Ancestral will have it's own standalone client available which will be available on it's own website, for the time being Ancestral will be available through the Runique client, when the new client launches for Ancestral a login error will appear when trying to login to Ancestral.

"Ancestral has moved to another Client, the download page should open."




Runique - Downtime

Over the course of February, Runique will be temporarily unavailable for the duration of the month whilst the Client and Server will have some well deserved love & attention, this is based off feedback from current Runique players after seeing the changes to Ancestral.

If you were an active Runique player who would like to have their account transferred to Ancestral, this is something we will offer, however due to the nature of the fact Runique has 7 More months of development and economical differences, there will be severe alterations to your character files, some items will be reduced in quantity to match Ancestral, this includes but not limited to:

  • Currency (all currency will be divided by 10)
  • Sarkis, Totemic and Dark sage items will be limited to 1. 
  • Ancient weapons will be given as signets (and limited to 2)
  • Sanguine weapons are limited to 1.

If you wish to transfer your character, you will be able to see your Modified character before the transfer, when a transfer is complete your previous account will be reset on Runique.


When Runique returns the following client will no longer be available, but it will continue to work if you have it installed:

Whilst our Windows client is legitimate and safe to use, it's been brought to my attention (and this is feedback I sat on based on my own personal opinion and stubbornness I refused to change) is the fact is most players would prefer to have a Universal client rather then install additional software, in the hopes of being more open minded going forwards the Windows Client will no longer be available to download, however unless the RuneLite based launcher needs an update will have uninterrupted functionality.


Both Runique and Ancestral

What other changes are happening with the Client split?

For security purposes we will be moving our cache, versioning and direct downloads to our Amazon Web Services accounts, this is to ensure the upmost security going forwards, this is an integral change to what I was talking about a new infrastructure for the website.

When the latest launcher was released (Runiques) we implemented some smart functionality in to the Client to clean-up your storage, similarly the Ancestral client features similar, the Ancestral client will move your local settings from the Runique client to the Ancestral client to make sure that your F-Keys and saved Ancestral accounts are moved to the correct locations. 

The client (and Ancestral launcher) has been updated to locate your local region to find which AWS Server is closest to you (for your best possible download speeds), a list of our current AWS Locations:

  • United States
    • East (N.Virginia)
    • East (Ohio)
    • West (N.California)
    • West (Oregon)
  • Canada
    • Central (Montreal)
  • Asia Pacific
    • Sydney
  • EU
    • Frankfurt
    • Ireland
    • London
    • Paris
    • Stockholm
  • South America
    • Sao Paulo

What does this mean?

The client & launcher will gather your local region based off your Systems time zone (this is available to us by Java), using this information we will try to point you to your best AWS Server for your fastest client/cache update, please note that this will not effect your in-game ping.

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