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Ancestral is back!


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The game is expected to be online at: 22:30PM (Game Server time) that's 22 Minutes from the time of posting.


Ancestral has returned, bringing you back to your back up from 2nd of June, 2022!

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, but to play you will have to download the Runique Client, you can download it here: 


Some features from the Economy server have been added, so you might be interested in seeing them here:

There's some specific content changes for Ancestral, you can view them here:


Noteable changes for Ancestral compared to Runique:

  • Forge table has had it's rates reverted.
  • Drops have been reverted back to a more time accurate area.
  • Key of Drops (Key of Boxes) has been re-added and can be used again.
  • Ancestral's old combat system was implemented.
  • Bonds are widely available just by playing the game


Sneak peaks (coming later this week)


  • Unlock scrolls
    • Row 1
      1. Saradomin's heal
        • Regular SGS:
          • Prayer and Health heals using Saradomin godsword are increased by 25%
          • Special attack appears Gold.
        • SGS (or)
          • Prayer and Health heals using Saradomin godsword are increased by 50%
          • Special attack appears Gold.
      2. Zamorakian freeze
        • Regular ZGS:
          • Freeze lasts 25% longer.
          • Special attack appears Gold.
        • ZGS(or)
          • Freeze lasts 50% longer.
          • Special attack appears Gold.
      3. Armadyl's enlightment
        • Regular AGS:
          • Gains the passive effect of Armadyl godsword (or) special.
          • Special attack appears Gold.
        • AGS(or)
          • Special attack is increased by an addition 12.5% Accuracy and an extra 1 hit (2 extra added to max hit total)
          • Special attack appears Gold.
      4. Bandos warcry
        • Regular BGS:
          • Drains all combat stats instead of only Defence.
          • Special attack appears Gold.
        • BGS(or)
          • Drains all combat stats instead of only Defence (with an extra 25% drain).
          • Special attack appears Gold.
    • Row 2
      1. Dragon special upgrade scroll
        • Dragon item special attacks are 25% More accurate.
      2. Surge spell unlock scroll
        • Unlocks surge spells
      3. Nightmare spell unlock scroll
        • Grants the player the ability to kill the Nightmare inside of the WIlderness.
      4. Nex unlock scroll
        • Grants the player the ability to kill Nex inside of the Wilderness.



Draconic Armour

Draconic armour is made by using Draconic spikes on Inquisitor items, Draconic spikes can only be obtained on a Slayer Task and inside of the Wilderness, they have a drop rate of 1/5,000 decreasing all the way down to 1/2,000 (these change dynamically based on the Slayer monsters combat level).


The stats of these items are similar to Torva, boasting +2 extra in all offensive stats, this armour set will break on death, but can be repaired relatively cheaply, this armour set is auto-keep tradeable, requiring 70 Strength and 30 Defence to equip, as with any auto-keep tradeable, red skull will mean you are risking it.

  • Draconic full helm
    • Inquisitor helm
    • 2x Draconic spike
  • Draconic platebody
    • Inquisitor hauberk
    • 4x Draconic spike
  • Draconic platelegs/platelegs
    • Inquisitor plateskirt
    • 3x Draconic spikes
  • Draconic gloves
    • Ferocious gloves
    • 1x Draconic spikes
  • Draconic boots
    • Primordial boots (g)
    • 1x Draconic spikes


This week will see an overhaul of the Everlasting, Galvek and Glough, they will be changed to actual bosses instead of recycled OSRS Bosses, with combat scripts to accompany the changes.


Current Totemic, Sarkis and Dark sage items will be changed into Essence, (g) variants will return the Gilded stone)

  • Helmets
    • 1000 Essence
  • Bodies
    • 3000 Essence
  • Legs
    • 2000 Essence

The bosses will be updated to drop inactive pieces, which can be activated by using essence on the pieces to form them into their former items, this is to make it so the bosses have a use outside of their main drops and to encourage users to return, to charge inactive pieces, each kill will guarantee 1 essence, and drop quantities of 5-18 at a 1/18 chance.


Note, there is 3 types of essence:

  • Melee essence (Totemic)
  • Magic essence (Dark Sage)
  • Ranged essence (Sarkis)


But what's that armour in the GIFs?

The above armours are the PvP Variants of Totemic, Dark Sage and Sarkis, in a similar fashion to charging inactive armour pieces, you can use the same amount of essence on:

  • Torva
    • creates Blessed totemic
  • Pernix
    • creates Enraged sarkis
  • Virtus
    • creates Corrupted dark sage

These are to be a direct opposites of their PvM counter parts, and do not offer any PvM Bonuses, they offer high bonuses to their nex drops, and work in the following fashion:

  • Helms
    • Give 1% Damage and Accuracy boost to their given attack style.
  • Bodies
    • Give 2% Damage and Accuracy boost to their given attack style.
  • Legs
    • Give 2% Damage and Accuracy boost to their given attack style.

Set effects:

  • For every 10 levels deeper inside of the wilderness, the accuracy and damage bonus will gain an addition 1%, meaning at 50 (and above) Wilderness, the sets give 10% total damage and accuracy bonuses.


With these changes, the following will take place

  • These item sets will become auto-keep, but remain tradeable.
    • These items will break on death, costing 40,000 to repair (dropping 25,000 a piece).
  • Broken variants unlike other broken items will be tradeable.
  • Broken variants can be recharged using Essence instead of Blood money as alternative.
  • Repair scrolls cannot be used to repair these item sets.
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