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20th of January updates

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Bug Fixes:

  • Imbued heart (and other variants) no longer say "You can't open a Mystery Box in the Wilderness" when trying to activate them inside the Wilderness.
  • The raids portal at home no longer tries to teleport you to Donator Cave (this was why you kept getting Messages saying You cannot teleport away from Raids).
  • Chamber of Secret items have been re-added.
  • Some of the previous changes weren't launching in the correct order (Database related things) this has been fixed.
  • Latest OSRS items have bee packed.
    • The following items needed to be updated, please let me know if any other items aren't appearing as intended:
      • Virtus armour pieces
      • Pernix armour pieces
      • Fractured staff of Armadyl
      • Catacomb of the Forsaken rewards


Content changes:

  • Virtus wand was removed from Catacombs of the Forsaken
  • Virtus wand was renamed back to "Elder wand"
  • The appearance of the Elder wand has been reverted back to Red and Black.
  • The following items are now available from their specific raid:
    • Metamorphic dust
    • Sanguine dust

Client changes:

  • Wilderness ditch has been re-added to Edgeville.
  • Any missing maps from Ancestral have returned.
  • The default world for the next month will launch Ancestral instead of Runique (this will change if you change world).
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