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Ancestral update log 17 & 18th of January

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The following updates are 1 or 2 Days old.

Quality of Life changes:

  • The server will now remember Votes till next boss, Donations till next boss after Server the Server has restarted.
    • The server will try to remember if either bosses are spawned, and will attempt to respawn them if this is the case during an update/restart.
  • The server now has the infrastructure for things such as Well of Goodwill.
  • You no longer need a single free space to switch pets.


Content changes:

  • Pets should no longer hang around when a player logs out.
  • All of the pets effects from the 16th of January has been added.
  • NPC's defined as "Dragons" have been updated, only additions were added, no removals.
  • A new NPC Type was added "Spiders" the following are on the list.
    • Any NPC that contais or is "Spider"
    • Sarachnis
    • Venenatis
    • Aragog
    • Verzik Vitur

Bug fixes:

  • Portal of Legend's (now Raids Portal) will no longer try to Teleport you to the Donator Cave.
  • Previously the point multiplier for Lil'zik and Olmlet were lower than specified, they have been updated.
  • Some items were reporting to hit higher then they actually were (an example of this is Dragon hunter weaponry hitting 10% extra instead of 25%).
  • Blood heals were being calculated before damage multipliers, the order has been corrected, this means you will heal based off your actual damage dealt calculations, not your unmodified hit.
  • Elvarg was previously excluded as being a Dragon, Elvarg has been added as a Dragon in the Definitions.
  • Previously when applying World Buffs, some code would refer to them as being "NULL" a new World Buff type has been added called "NONE" and the default types have been changed from NULL to NONE this is to prevent server crashes.
  • The Elder wand inside of Chamber of Secrets should act as a regular Elder Wand inside the Raid.


Tomorrow you should see a lot of new content changes (19th of January 2023)

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