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Ancestral Updates - 16/01/2023

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Bug Fixes:

  • A dupe with shops have been identified.
  • You can no longer open Mystery Boxes or chests inside the Wilderness.
  • God Halos are no longer spawnable and will be removed upon login at Launch.
  • Item prices have been fixed as some were systems were still using the OSRS Cache for prices.
  • Tradeable items have been updated to include newer items.
  • An issue with the Combat system in restricted areas have been patched.
  • Bugs relating to stopping players from able to continue ANY raid has been identified and patched appropriately.
  • The client now recognises the longer list for presets.
  • Some item models were appearing dull, the lighting on them have been corrected.
  • Larran's chest has been restored.
  • Wilderness key has had previously found bugs on Runique applied to Ancestral.
  • Some third-party libraries were spewing issues due to the API Keys being invalidated, they have been updated and any API Keys have been regenerated and applied.
  • An issue with some items that should be transmoggable (metamorphis) but weren't have been fixed, this system has also been updated, will give more information shortly.
  • A bug where pets were not despawning correctly upon logout/game removal has been identified and patched.
  • The daily/weekly reward system would bug out occasionally, even on relog, whilst these issues are still being identified (as they continue to happen), it's less likely to happen now.
  • An issue where the following would occasionally show up as leprechauns have been identified and patched:
    • Ancient revenants
    • Ancient variant of bosses
  • Several memory leaks have been identified and patched, whilst there is another I'm aware of, it requires a rewrite to do so or cooldown added to the System.
  • Some items that shouldn't have been broadcasted were being broadcasted, this has been patched appropriately, the following items will now broadcast when obtained from PvM, Raids or Boxes:
    • Blighted crest
    • Blighted crest pieces
    • Wilderness souls
    • Dark sage pieces (including (g) variant)
    • Totemic pieces (including (g) variant)
    • Sarkis pieces (including (g) variant)
    • Corporeal beast sigils
      • Full spirit shields included aswell (minus spirit shield and bless spirit shield)
    • Chamber of Xeric's unique rewards.
    • Theatre of Blood unique rewards.
    • Catacomb of the Forsaken unique rewards.
    • Gilded stone
    • Fusion stone
    • Torva pieces
    • Ancient hilt
    • Ancient godsword
    • Nihil horn
    • Virtus pieces
    • Pernix pieces
    • Epic pet boxes
    • Raid mystery boxes


Revenant changes

Revenants within the Member's Cave now have the correct spawns and drop tables, any name changes to include (Members) or (Caves) should be reverted, on both Server and Client side.


Pet system changes

Previously some Pet transmogs were broken (Corporeal critter and Dark core), these have been fixed, in addition the pet system has been updated to support attributes, for example this means the Olmlet pet can now be cycled through it's different variants after unlocking the "Metamorphic dust" from Chamber of Xerics.

Previously some pets were unobtainable after receiving them as a drop already despite them being tradeable, relevant fixes have been added to:

  • Olmlet
  • Little zik
    • Is also now tradeable
  • Nexling
  • Vorki
  • Bloodhound
  • Abyssal demon pet
  • Dark beast pet
  • Snakeling

This also means they are no longer able to be purchased back from Probita.

Donator daily reward changes

  • Blood money reward pool changes
    • All Blood Money amounts have been significantly decreased
      • 25M -> 15M
      • 20M -> 10M
      • 15M -> 5M
      • 10M -> 1M
      • 5M -> 500K
      • 4M -> 400K
      • 3M -> 300K
      • 2M -> 200K
      • 1M -> 100K
    • Donator tickets reward pool has been significantly decreased
      • 10,000 -> 875
      • 5,000 -> 750
      • 2,500 -> 500
      • 1,250 -> 325
      • 500 -> 250
      • 250 -> 125
    • Reward boxes have been shortened, the list is now:
      • Cosmetic mystery box X 1 (Weighted table; 25)
      • Weapon mystery box X 1 (Weighted table; 25)
      • Armour mystery box X 1 (Weighted table; 25)
      • Donator mystery box X 1 (Weighted table; 20)
      • Key of boxes x 1 (Weighted table; 15)
      • Legendary mystery box X 1 (Weighted table; 5)
      • Epic pet box X 1 (Weighted table; 1)
      • Raids mystery box X 1 (Weighted table; 1)
    • Reward amounts per a rank:
      • Zenyte: 4
        • Blood money chance 1/2 (additional reward)
        • Ticket chance 1/2 (additional reward)
      • Dragonstone & Onyx: 3
        • Blood money chance 1/3 (additional reward)
        • Ticket chance 1/3 (additional reward)
      • Emerald: 2
        • Blood money chance 1/5 (additional reward)
        • Ticket chance 1/5 (additional reward)
      • Ruby: 1
        • Blood money chance 1/7(additional reward)
        • Ticket chance 1/7(additional reward)


Changes coming tomorrow;

Raid pet changes

By default all raid-related pets will offer the following perks any additional bonuses will be on-top of these (inside raids):

  • 10% Extra damage and accuracy during raids
  • 10% Boost in personal points

Pets and perks:

  • Chambers of Xeric pets:
    • Olmlet
      • 8% Damage and Accuracy against Dragons (both inside and outside of Raids).
    • Muttadile
      • Incoming melee and ranged damage decreased by 20%.
    • Tektiny
      • 8% Damage and Accuracy when using Melee.
    • Vanguard
      • Will act as a thrall attacking with Magic, Melee or Ranged depending on the Monsters lowest defensive stat (max hit of 3).
    • Vasa minirio
      • 8% Damage and Accuracy when using Magic.
    • Vespina
      • 8% Damage and Accuracy when using Ranged.
  • Theatre of Blood pets:
    • Lil' Zik
      • 8% Damage and Accuracy against Spiders (both inside and outside of Raids).
    • Lil' Maiden
      • Blood spells heal 25% More damage (including heals from Sanguinesti staff and blood fury)
    • Lil' bloat
      • Damage dealt on the Pestilent Bloat when sleeping will be doubled.
    • Lil' nylo
      • Recoiled damage dealt back to you will be halved.
    • Lil' sot
      • The redball attack damage will be decreased to 0.
    • Lil' Xarp
      • Deal 25% More damage to Xarpus.


Raid Reward Changes

  • You can now obtain multiple; Lil' Zik and Olmlet pets
  • The rate of these pets have been altered:
    • Base rate:
      • 1/650 -> 1/1,000
    • With a unique drop:
      • 1/650 -> 1/250
  • Dusts
    • Base Chance:
      • 1/750
    • Unique chance:
      • 1/1,250


Dusts from raids although they are tradeable are a one time use item.

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