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Hi guys,

I'd like to clarify some things!

With both servers in one Client, won't this mean both Servers will get the same content?

No, there's a couple of avenues I can take to prevent this from happening, one would be to update the cache to support more archives (this means the cache size would increase from 194MB to 388MB), this would allow us to have different maps, items, npcs etc etc depending on the World you're on.

Additionally I can always just add a toggle for certain custom items/maps/npcs (which I'm currently investigating) to dynamically change depending on the World, I haven't yet figured out how to do this for Maps yet.

Is Ancestral going to be updated more then Runique?

The short answer is depending on the severity of an update, as for both servers any "urgent" bug fixes/updates will be done there and then, other then that Ancestral is scheduled to be updated regularly (Bug patches and Content update once a week on Fridays), but not as often as Runique (2 to 3 Times a week).

Can't you just port all of the content over from Runique?

This defeats the objective, Ancestral wasn't fun or stimulating for me to work on which is why I took it down to begin with for the big re-write, majority of my time was spent re-writing old shitty code, and trying to juggle content updates, and fix something that wasn't broken the economy.

Somethings will be ported, such as the Community Bosses (Sarkis, Dark Sage & Totemic spirit), but for the most part whilst some new assets might be recycled and shared between the Servers, they will act differently and more based around that Server.

An example of recycled assets will be coming in a future update to both Servers, where Runique will be receiving "Superior Godwars", Ancestral will be receiving a World Boss update which would include Superior God Wars bosses with some new drops.

Going forwards

Whilst Ancestral may have my focus for now (and probably will be until the end of the month), I plan on giving you guys what you want and not force my own agender onto the game. This means no more major game changing changes, the server will simply play as it was originally intended to, with updates tailored to both games.

Whilst I can't reliable say their will never be any "major" game changes, if it's thought by everyone (not just by myself) a core part of the game needs to be updated that would change the games future, it will be tested thoroughly by you guys on a temporary world, this world would be used to both test Runique and Ancestral updates.


Transferring gold between worlds

Transferring wealth between Ancestral and Runique will be allowed, however, staff members (on either Server) will be able to middleman for you, having their staff rank on one server and having a special "Middle man" rank on the other Server, swapping items without a Staff member/middle man ranked players will not guarantee a refund if scammed, so please consider using a Staff Member when swapping wealth.



Whilst I'm not actively seeking Donations and don't think I will be for the foreseeable future, a few people have asked me how some people have donated, the donations I have received over the past week on Runique were via OSRS GP, going forwards when the time is right to accept donations, both servers will be accepting donations through the following methods:

  • CashApp
  • OSRS / RS3 Gold
  • Crypto currencies
    • Ethereum
    • BTC
    • Bitcoin Cash
    • Dogecoin
    • Solana
    • Ethereum Classic
    • Stellar
    • XRP


The methods chosen were selected to fight back against chargebacks we received previously.




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