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Ancestral - BETA Server


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A Client Update has been launched, in this current build of the Client, the following changes have taken place:

  • World switching to World 2, will now change the login Screen to Ancestral.
  • More blighted sacks highlight spells.
  • Spawn list changes between World 1 and 2.
  • All boxes have had the "quick-open" function added back.
  • Secret on the Raids interface has been updated to "Chambers of Secrets"
  • Old Ancestral Donator ranks have been added for World 2.
  • A separate account manager has been added for Ancestral.
  • A fix for some Developer commands.
  • World types can now hold more data.
  • Duplicate sprites removed.
  • Halloween has been disabled.
  • The client frame now correctly rebuilds when changing modes quickly.
  • Removed some commands on Login Screen for Development stuff.
  • Merchants cart was added to the game.
  • The champions portal now says "Raids Portal"
  • Some typo on custom items were fixed.
  • Some items were graphically updated.
  • A WIP rarity system is partially added (Glowing item icons).
  • The spawn interface was re-written to not be so RAM and CPU intense when searching (FPS Drops) in-game, or on start-up.
  • Artisan Interfaces have been added.
  • The blank stone on the Equipment interface was removed.
  • Some configs were moved to one class.
  • Some interfaces that are from the original 317 cache were edited using the Widget class, they are now edited (if they could be) through Cache instructions.
  • Some areas in the game may look more like RuneScape instead of oversaturated, or too dark, this was due to poor map loading.


Content changes specifically for Ancestral:

  • Donation Ranks & Perks
  • Old Combat System was re-implemented.
  • Spawning system was re-written.

More to change, the Server is currently in BETA Mode, meaning progress won't be kept. the date of backups used is from 1st of June, 2022 at 01:15 PM (BST).


Please refer to Maintenance Complete for Details about Login System changes, Ancestral is far from complete, but I need an active Combat Test and Chambers of Secrets tested.




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