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Maintenance Complete


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Hi guys,

This morning the game was taken offline for some routine maintenance, whilst the Game Server was offline, I decided to look into issues about accounts being unable to be logged into, unable to log back into said accounts.


This maintenance is complete, this maintenance was to prevent data loss, it should have taken an hour, but due to unforeseen circumstances I was delayed.


All issues have been identified surrounding this issue (as far as I can tell), and the Server is back online, a few changes have happened to the login system:

  • If your account exists (without) a database entry, the Server should now let you login without one, creating one upon login, instead of returning Invalid username or Password.
  • If your account exists (with) a database entry, but without a character file, it will now correctly create one instead of returning Login issue, contact discord.


In a previous Update Log, I noted that we had separated the Login Systems, I can't seem to think why? most likely human error, but we were storing account information on the old tables, this has been corrected and now saves and loads to the correct database entries.


The back-end has been updated, meaning in the future we may be able to have PK Highscores on both Worlds, along with regular highscores.




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