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Ancestral - Back up discussion & Progress update


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Whilst having a discussion about the roll back point for Ancestral (World 2) with some people, if you're unaware please check; Ancestral (World 2)

Originally I discussed restoring Ancestral back to the last Runique back up (prior to economy reset) on the 30th of September, 11:45 PM, whilst looking for a more suitable back-up point, due to the nature of the Game changes, I've managed to find legitimate Ancestral character backups from:

  • June
  • July
  • August

Which I'm leaning more towards backing up from with the addition of allowing players to claim their donations back from EverythingRS to Ancestral.

Donation Ranks
Due to the nature of the roll back, the new Donation ranks (for the most part) don't exist and cause errors when trying to load Ancestral save files, this is quite an issue, so I've also thought about away to circumvent this issue aswell.

I'd like to re-introduce and revert any donation rank changes/perks on Ancestral back to how they were back in May 2022, and address any new perks as time goes on, this would allow me to just insert the old rank names, assign them new back-end IDs on the Server and Client, and the old Character backups will just work as intended.

This means the OG Icons would also be making a return!



In terms of progress for Runique, the following things have been progress has been made since the Developer Blog on Tuesday:

  • Old combat system
  • Client code has been updated to support toggling both worlds
  • Re-written the spawning system
  • All mystery boxes have been reverted.
  • Daily & Weekly Donator perks have been rebalanced/updated
    • (Missing code for Subscriber chests, asking Zoo to see if he has a code backup, it's possible I may find them in a GitHub commit).
  • Raid changes:
    • Catacombs of the Forsaken has been enabled.
    • Chamber of Secrets has been re-implemented and updated to the new Raid systems, will need thorough bug testing.
  • Drop tables
    • Most if not all drop tables have been reverted back to how they used to be.


This means the following changes need to be reverted:

  • Pet changes
  • Re-introduce bonds being able to be regularly available in game
  • Task System changes
  • Pets
  • Achievements
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