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In this Developer Blog, I'll be going over some of the planned changes for Ancestral, some important information some of you should (probably) know.


When Ancestral returns it will be coming back based on Runiques source code (much more stable and cleaner), with some major changes, so let's start with Combat.


Combat Changes

Combat in Ancestral will feel like the old server you all fell in love with the old Combat system will be reimplemented from a backup of the code from early 2022, with this you will see some of the previous combat patches deployed, for Ranged & Melee max hits and Magic accuracy (PvP), aside from this, the rest of the formulas will be as they previously were (Sanguinesti items, special attacks, etc etc), making it feel less like OSRS and more like a private server (more accuracy, less 0s).


Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes will be reverted back to working how they were originally on Ancestral, instead of it being a true gamble (trash to god tier items), they will be reverted back to their former mid-tier to god tier loot tables, with little to no exceptionally rare items.


Daily and Weekly Donator Rewards

On Runique a new system was tested which was Daily and Weekly Donator Rewards, this seemed quite overpowering (and overbearing), in effort to rejuvenate some content, Ancestral will be having these systems implemented, however they will be implemented as Weekly and Monthly Donator Rewards, this means every week you can claim some valuable loot, and some extremely good loot once a month! in order to prevent this from being abused, your account must be at least 1 Month old and have 24 Hours of Play Time and a minimum Donator tier of Gold (100$).


Battlepass Changes

The battlepass system will continue to be present on Ancestral (for those who may have left, the Battle Pass system is a System that rewards you by playing the game), this system will be updated to be PvP acentric, this means the following will not give you any battlepass experience:

  • Killing monsters outside of the Wilderness.
  • Killing bosses outside of the Wilderness.
  • Opening mystery boxes/chests/tickets.
  • Gaining experience whilst Skilling.
  • Completing Raids.

Things that will continue to give you experience:

  • Defeating a Player in PvP
  • Killing a boss inside the Wilderness
  • Completing a Slayer Task.
  • Redeeming bonds.
  • Voting.

New additions for gaining experience:

  • Winning a PvP Tournament
  • Defeating the current World Boss
  • Looting and opening Wilderness Keys
  • Participating in the Wilderness Souls.


Reward Changes:

The rewards from the Battlepass are quite strong, with the re-release of Ancestral the rewards will be re-written to be more inline with how Ancestral originally was, this means Sarkis, Totemic and Dark Sage will not be available from the Battlepass.


Raid Changes

The following (previously) disabled raids will become available:

  • Catacombs of the Forsaken
    • Previously nerfed Elder wand (will make it's return).
    • Torva will be removed from the table completely.
  • Chamber of Secrets
    • Will be updated to todays standards, I was not around when this was original added and then disabled and items were removed/disabled.


Drop tables

Drop tables for all Monsters in the game will be updated to their early 2022 variants, and any newer tables will be adjusted to match that of the rest of the game, this means items will be more widely available and accessible for players of all types, casual, grinder or PK'er, Blood Money amounts will need to be adjusted to match that of the current economy from the Player backups.


Pet Changes

Some pets in Runique have been updated and modernized to make more sense, whilst I'm unable to guarantee some pet perks being reverted (mainly issues with Fawkes and it's many other variants being too OP), I will do my best to look at and re-evaluate most pets and reverting some that don't make sense back to their original functions, as they may now make sense on Runique, but might not for Ancestral.


Availability of Bonds

Previously I made Bonds less available on Runique, with the on-going changes it makes sense to have Bonds more regularly available in Ancestral for you to spend your GP on, I originally intended for your donation ranks to be joint for both Ancestral and Runique, however they will be kept separate (this is mainly for easily managing accounts and assisting with name changes).


Shop Changes 

Whilst the Shop system has been re-written and revamped many times (and may do again in the near future to be more clear), the Hub system will be staying, for those who don't know, this means every shop in the game is accessible (on the left side) by opening any shop in-game, however I will be reverting the contents of the shops to make more sense.


Spawning System re-write

The spawn system will be making it's full re-release (this was previously removed in Runique),  with the original restrictions previously found in Ancestral with some alterations, the alterations were previously trailed in Runique, but I will go over them here.

Core PvP items that could previously spawned in Ancestral will be using new Item IDs, this means that they cannot be traded or dropped as loot, this also means that they cannot be used outside of the Wilderness with some exceptions, and items that can be spawned will appear as Blue items with the tag (PvP) at the end,PvP Food and Potions can be used in Ferox, Edgeville and Mage Bank (Safe areas) outside of the Wilderness.

All food/potions and items can be used everywhere.


Loot Key Changes

This change will be applied to both Runique and Ancestral, at the moment if you are killed (inside or outside) of the Wilderness, all Loot Keys obtained from PvP are destroyed, I'd like to propose an integral change to Loot Keys to benefit everyone, I'd like to make an attempt to make loot keys transferable however, if the victor of the fight has 2 Loot Keys and you're carrying 4, it will work as follows:

The Victim's loot will be transferred to the Killer, the server will then attempt to transfer all keys the killer was holding, this will prioritize the most expensive keys, when the Key cap of 5 is met, any remaining keys that may be available will be destroyed.

as normal, and PvP Kills after exceeding the 5 Kill limit will drop loot to the floor, with this I would also be introducing an interface change for the PvP Key System which would be introducing the Deadman style chest layout.



Task System

The Taskmaster will be updated to only include PvP Tasks, and remove Skilling and PvM Related tasks, unless they are strictly to be done inside the wilderness.

Other content that will be reverted back

  • Achievements and their rewards.
  • Tournament reward pool
  • Teleport locations
  • Slayer system
  • Rune Pouch changes
  • Forge system
  • Referral system rewards
  • Items that break on Death.


Planned Updates for early 2023

  • OSRS Bounty Hunter V3 System (when released on OSRS).
  • Wilderness Chests
    • Acts similarly to Wilderness key, red skulls the looter, can only be looted once per a spawn.
  • Daily Task system revamp
  • Wildy Wars
    • Tournament system but team based, all winners will be given a reward.
  • New custom weapons, armours (unique)
  • Tradeable item system.


These are not the only updates planned for Ancestral, but these are the main I'd like to point as coming soon™


So let's talk about updates that older players who may have quit should be made aware of:

  • The server now does week long events (Monday through Sunday), these change every week.
  • The server now does week-end events, these are usually different to events that activate every week.
  • The armour stand(s) found around the home area is now used to repair items instead of the Drunken Dwarf.
  • Daily Reset system was re-written to support the last day of the month,
  • Every 120 Votes (total) will spawn a vote boss, deal 10 damage for a drop.
  • Every 250$ (total) Donated to the server will spawn a donation boss, deal 10 damage for a drop.
  • Battlepass was added
    • Free and Premium passes available.
  • Nex Angel of Death (Superior nex) was added to Nex.
    • Fractured staff of Armadyl was added which can cast Storm of Armadyl.
    • Pernix is now available from Nex.
    • Virtus is now available from Nex.
  • Donator perks now function as previously described on Ancestral's old website.
  • Ancient nightmare can now be toggled and the mode is saved to your account.
  • Teleport system was re-written
  • Raid Party system was re-written
  • Raid Hub was reintroduced (located at the Home Area).
  • Ferox was added as a safezone in the Wilderness.
    • You cannot enter Ferox if you're teleblocked.
  • Catacombs of the Forsaken was added introducing a lot of new items:
    • Ancient nightmare staff
      • Can be used to toggle between all 3 Nightmare staff modes and can inflict corruption.
        • Corruption acts as Venom but for Prayer.
    • Ancient staff (i)
      • Can cause corruption on target.
    • Miasmic gem
      • Used for Ancient nightmare staff
    • Ancient ballista
      • Requires ancient balllista spring, limbs & frame
      • BIS Ballista
    • Virtus wand
      • BIS Wand
    • Virtus codex
      • BIS Magic off-hand.
    • Zarosian marksman ring
    • Zaros cape
      • Imbued Zaros Cape
        • Imbued Zaros Max Cape
      • BIS Magic capes
    • Pernix quiver
      • BIS Accumalator.
    • Ancient signet
      • Sanguinesti item upgrades
  • PKP System was implemented.
    • PKP Firesale system was implemented, this shop randomly changes stock every 4 hours, stock inside the Firesale shop is shared between the whole server, so once the stock is gone, it's gone! and does not restock.
  • Presets were extending to support 40 Presets instead of 20.
    • Presets can be accessed via the spawn tab, or quest tab.
  • Multiple hundreds of annoying bugs were patched.
  • Stability improved.
  • The three Wilderness bosses (Galvek, Everlasting, Glough) have had superior versions added which drops BIS forge items for revenant weapons (c).


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