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Artisan (Skill) & Elite Dungeon 1: Lava Hideout

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The Artisan skill is a skill that's going to be used in the long run in the main game, using a huge variety of items to use within the Skill and the Rewards are endless, in the future the Forge will be updated to include Artisan when calculating your Success Chance, from Aura's that reset weekly, to passive Sigils that can used in and out of Combat, when Artisan releases with the Elite Dungeon Lava Hideout, it will only contain what is mentioned in this thread, however in the near future there will be a Batch 2 of updates, but we'll talk about that further down the line.


So what is Artisan?

Artisan is a mixture of Invention (RS3), Summoning (RS2/OSRS Thralls) & Warding (Failed OSRS Skill), this is why I previously spoke about increasing the level cap for a few skills, it's designed to be a support Skill.

Items can be broken down into their core materials and components, similar to ones found in the Invention Skill (RuneScape 3 Wiki) 



You can have 3 Sigils active at any time, you may only have 1 of each tier active at any time.

Tier 1:

  • Combat
    • Sigil of Resilience
      • Your hitpoints restore 3X faster than normal.
    • Sigil of Consistency
      • Every attack deals an extra 1 Damage on the Target
    • Sigil of the Formidable Fighter
      • Your melee accuracy is increased by +10 in stab, slash and crush. Additionally, upon a successful hit, you have a chance for your next hit to deal +5 damage (20%).
    • Sigil of the Rigourous Ranger
      • Your ranged accuracy is increased by +10, and you have a 50% chance of saving ammunition when using Ranged weapons (20%).
    • Sigil of the Meticulous Mage
      • Your magic accuracy is increased by +10 and you have a 50% chance of saving runes or staff charges when using Magic ((20%).
    • Sigil of Fortification
      • Your defence is increased by +12 for stab, slash, crush, magic and ranged (100%).
    • Sigil of Barrows
      • Gain the passive effect of the Amulet of the Damned (100%).
    • Sigil of Deft Strikes
      • You gain 20% more accuracy in all styles against all non-player enemies (100%).
    • Sigil of Freedom
      • Activate the Sigil to break free from bind effects cast on you by players, cooldown: 30 Seconds (100%)
  • Skilling:
    • Sigil of Storage
      • You have a chance to send your newly gathered resources to the Bank when gathering with Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting or Farming (50%).
    • Sigil of the Smith
      • When smelting Ores, smithing Bars or making Cannonballs all actions are processed at once (100%).
    • Sigil of the Fletcher
      • When fletching Logs or cutting Bolt Tips, all items are processed at once (100%).
    • Sigil of the Craftsman
      • When crafting Leather, Uncut Gems, Glass, Jewellery, Pottery or Battlestaves, and when spinning Flax or Wool, all items are processed at once (100%).
    • Sigil of the Abyss
      • When RuneCrafting, you gain 5X as many runes as usual, and 2X the experience you would normally get (100%).
  • Misc:
    • Sigil of Exaggeration:
      • All non-combat skills are permanently boosted by 5 (100%).
    • Sigil of Treasure:
      • When activated during PvM, Elite Dungeons, Raids or opening Clue Scrolls, you have a chance for all of your loot to be doubled (15%).
    • Sigil of Light:
      • Special attack restores 20% Faster (12% instead of 10% Special attack restored), (100%).

Tier 2:

  • Combat:
    • Sigil of Specialised Strikes:
      • Activate the Sigil to reduce the cost of your next Special Attack that costs over 10 energy by 10. The effect has a 30 second cooldown (100%).
    • Sigil of the Porcupine
      • Activate the Sigil to recoil (even if damage is 0) 4 damage to your attacker for every hit you take. The effect lasts for 45 seconds and has a 2-minute cooldown (100%).
    • Sigil of Binding
      • Activate the Sigil to get a 75% magic accuracy buff on your next binding/freeze spell within the next 12 seconds. If the bind/freeze was successful, the Sigil has a 2-minute cooldown. If the bind/freeze was not successful, the Sigil has a 1-minute cooldown (100%).
    • Sigil of the Ruthless Ranger
      • Upon dealing Ranged damage, you have a chance to cripple the target's movement. The effect deals 5 damage over the next 6 seconds and drains a total of 30 run energy in that time. The damage is doubled against targets with no run energy. A target can only suffer from one crippling effect at a time. You also gain an additional 50% XP in the Ranged skill (10%).
    • Sigil of the Feral Fighter
      • Upon dealing melee damage, you have a chance to set your attack speed to 1.8 seconds for the next 3 attacks within the next 12 seconds. You also gain an additional 25% XP in the Attack and Strength skills.
    • Sigil of the Menacing Mage
      • Upon dealing Magic damage, you have a chance to curse the target. The curse deals 12 damage over the next 6 seconds and heals both health and prayer for the same amount. A target can only be under the effect of one curse at a time. You also gain an additional 50% XP in the Magic skill (20%).
  • Skilling:
    • Sigil of the Dwarves
      • You gain 50% more experience in the following skills: Mining, Smithing, Construction and Crafting. (100%)
    • Sigil of the Elves
      • You gain 50% more experience in the following skills: Agility, Fletching, Hunter and Farming. (100%)
    • Sigil of the Barbarians
      • You gain 50% more experience in the following skills: Firemaking, Fishing, Herblore and Slayer. (100%)
    • Sigil of the Gnomes
    • You gain 50% more experience in the following skills: Cooking, Woodcutting, Thieving and RuneCraft. (100%)
    • Sigil of Devotion
    • Dropped Bones are automatically buried. Ashes are automatically scattered. Prayer experience gained from these activities is doubled, and prayer restored by 1. (100%)
    • Sigil of the Forager
    • You always gain double resources from Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, and Farming. (100%)
    • Sigil of Garments
      • You always have the set effects of all skilling outfits. (100%)
  • Misc:
    • Sigil of Prophecy:
      • You have a 20% increased chance to receive loot from the unique secret loot table.
    • Sigil of the Fortune Farmer:
      • When activated during PvM, Elite Dungeons, Raids or opening Clue Scrolls, you have a chance for all of your loot to be tripled (10%).
    • PvM Loot is sent to your bank outside of the Wilderness. (100%)
      • Clue scrolls are opened when dropped, loot is sent to the bank. (100%)
    • Sigil of the Serpent
      • Activate the Sigil to cure venom and poison, and gain immunity from both effects for 1 minute. Once activated the Sigil has a 3-minute cooldown. (100%)
    • Sigil of Preservation
      • Stats boosted above your base level will not drain over time. (Deaths, Brews etc etc will still effect your boosted stats).

Tier 3:

  • Combat:
    • Sigil of Finality
      • Activate the Sigil to guarantee 100% accuracy on your next special attack. Once activated, the Sigil has a 90 second cooldown (100%).
    • Sigil of Pious Protection
      • Decrease the amount of damage you take from attacks of a given combat style by 20% when using the correct protection prayer for that style. Increase the damage you take by protecting against the wrong combat style by 10%. (100%)
    • Sigil of Aggression
      • All attacks deal 15% more damage, but you take 20% more damage from all sources. The damage bonus will not stack with Sigil of Rampage.
    • Sigil of Rampage
      • Alternating combat styles will increase your rampage count, up to a maximum of 5. Consecutive attacks with the same style will reset the counter. Each rampage count increases your damage and accuracy by +3%. All bonus damage will be reset to base level once out of combat for 12 seconds.
  • Skilling:
    • Sigil of the Skiller:
      • You gain double the experience in all skills
    • Sigil of Remote Storage
      • Resources gathered from Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, and Farming will be automatically sent to your Bank.
  • Misc:
    • Sigil of Lost treasure
      • When activated during PvM, Elite Dungeons, Raids or opening Clue Scrolls, you have a chance for all of your loot to be quadrupled (5%).
      • PvM Loot is sent to your bank (anywhere) (100%)
      • Clue scrolls are opened when dropped, loot is sent to the bank. (100%)

Combat Consumeables


  • Magic:
    • Lesser ghostly thrall
      • Requires 38 Artisan
    • Superior ghostly thrall
      • Requires 57 Artisan
    • Greater ghostly thrall
      • Requires 76 Artisan
  • Melee:
    • Lesser zombie thrall
      • Requires 38 Artisan
    • Superior ghostly thrall
      • Requires 57 Artisan
    • Greater ghostly thrall
      • Requires 76 Artisan
  • Ranged:
    • Lesser skeleton thrall
      • Requires 38 Artisan
    • Superior skeleton thrall
      • Requires 57 Artisan
    • Greater skeleton thrall
      • Requires 76 Artisan
  • Other:
    • Cursed blast
      •  Inflict Curse onto your target
    • Venomous strike
      •  Inflict venom onto your target.
    • Poisonous bite
      •  Inflict poison onto your target.
    • Death charge
      •  Special attack restores 15% for every monster killed within 15 Seconds (outside of Wilderness only)


New armours


  • Cinderbane gloves
    • A chance to inflict Poison to your target.
      • 1/8 Chance to reset the poison damage.
    • In PvM You will always deal a secondary damage hit splat of 5 Poison damage.
    • Same stats as Mythical Gloves.
    • Type: Hybrid
    • Made from:
  • Gloves of Passage
    • A successful hit from a Crush or Slash causes the next attack inflicted in the next six seconds to deal 10% additional damage and causes the target to take an additional 20% damage from bleeds for ten seconds. (30 Second cool down in PvM, 1 Minute in PvP)

    • Most powerful (Melee) gloves when the target is poison immune.
  • Nightmare gloves
    • While worn, Armadyl and Zaryte crossbow special attack can be used with a 25% chance for bolt proc.
    • Nex can reflect damage without warning, making these gauntlets a popular choice against her.
    • Highest ranged style bonus.
  • Dragon wrist wraps
    • While warn, when using a Dragonfire shield special attack, your next magic hit will hit 25% More Damage, and if your next magic spell is Fire, you will hit twice.

Hybrid Armour:

Hybrid armour is good for all combat styles, however each type (Similar to void helm) will favour an attack style, wearing a full set (of single armour) will offer you a Set bonus, each set contains (their stats are compareable to Karils, Ahrims and Dharoks in one):

  • Helmet
  • Body
  • Legs
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Armour sets:

  • Battle-mage
    • Battle-mage armour set favours magic more then ranged or melee, giving you a 45% accuracy in Magic. 
  • Trickster
    • Tricker armour set favours  ranged more then melee or magic, giving you a 10% Ranged damage and accuracy buff.
  • Vanguard
    • Vanguard armour set favours Melee more then ranged or magic giving you a 10% Melee damage and accuracy buff.

When dying with Hybrid armour, the armour will return to a broken state, each piece can be repaired by using a huge amount of GP or recharging them by the components used to create them, when worn they are bound to your account, if they have not been worn they can be traded, if they have not been worn, the armour set will NOT break on death.


New weapons


  • Saradomin's blessed godsword
    • Special attack requires 25% instead of 50%, Health and Prayer replinishments are doubled compared to the normal Saradomin Godsword.
  • Zamorak's corrupted godsword
    • Special attack requires 50%, the Barrage cast by the Godsword can now hit multiple targets similar to an Ice Barrage with a chance to inflict Curse damage.
  • Bandosian warcharged godsword
    • Special attack requires 50%, your targets Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic are also decreased by the amount of damage dealt alongisde their defence.
  • Armadyl's enlightened godsword
    • Special attack requires 30%, special attack acts as a normal Armadyl Godsword special attack, with a 25% Heal of Damage dealt and 10% More accuracy.



  • Volcanic abyssal tentacle
    • Inflict a burn similar to the Elemental bow fire arrow effects with a 1/25 Chance to active, and 30 second cool-down.
  • Frozen abyssal tentacle
    • Inflict a freeze effect similar to the Elemental bow arrow with a 1/25 Chance to active, and 30 second cool-down.
  • Dragonic abyssal tentacle
    •  Inflict dragon fire breathe on your opponent (damage capped to 30) with a 1/25 Chance to activate and 30 second cool-down.


Ranged weapons

  • Karil's pistol
    • One handed Karil's crossbow, with a special attack to fire 4 bolts at once, acts as normal Karil's crossbow otherwise (1 handed).
  • Reactive chinchompas
    • Every target the chinchompa hits off sets another explosion off to any nearby target (capped to 4), meaning in a 2x2 square of targets, they will continously take damage until they move.
  • Kalphite blowpipe
    • A blowpipe that acts as a Keris or Keris partisan whilst fighting against Kalphites, also 2 max hit over the BIS Blowpipe.

Magic weapons

  • Miasmic wand
    • An upgrade to the Elder wand, reverting it to it's former glory (hitting 500's in PvM), in PvP it will act as infinite blood, death and water runes.


What items can I break down?

  • Ores
  • Logs
  • Hides
  • Bars
  • Planks
  • Leather
  • Basic weapons
  • Clothing
  • Runes
  • Magic weapons
  • Magic armour
  • Arrows
  • Staves
  • Spears
  • Halberds
  • Bows
  • Axes
  • Battleaxes
  • Blunt weapons
  • Pickaxes
  • Wands
  • Ammunition
  • Claws
  • Whips
  • Crossbows
  • Jewllery
  • Armour
  • shields
  • Seeds
  • Bones
  • Ashes
  • Food
  • Herbs
  • Potions
  • two-handed crossbows
  • Mauls
  • Thrown-axes
  • Melee armour
  • Ranged armour
  • Crystal items
  • Stabbing weapons
  • Slashing weapons
  • Gems
  • Warhammers
  • Maces
  • Daggers
  • One-handed crossbows
  • Bolts
  • Hybrid armour
  • Magic armour
  • Defenders
  • Swords
  • Knives
  • Treasure trail uniques
  • Barrows armour
  • Dragon armour
  • Draconic items (DFS and alternatives)

More info to come soon.


Lava Hideout

The Lava Hideout is the first Elite Dungeon coming to Runique, Elite Dungeons are similar to how Catacombs of the Forsaken was, offering a fast repeatable activity, however this time you must kill all the trash mobs to continue the dungeon, every player in your party that deals damage to an trashmob receives loot, straight to their Lava hideout storage, this is also true for the bosses, all monsters inside of the Lava Hideout have the same droptable with varying drop rates depending on their levels with the exception of bosses. 





Each time an island has been successfully completed a new path to another island will appear, every 3 islands you will encounter a demi boss until you've reached full circle to take on the Enraged lava beast, introducing new weapons, capes and ammunition types, I won't delve too much into the rewards from Elite Dungeons, however unlike Raids, you can leave at any point.


I previously spoke about the Enrage system, the Enrage system will put up your dungeons difficulty for each completion you've successfully completed, however when you die your storage chest is reset and so is your enrage, as your enrage increases so does your rewards.


Please note: that the Enrage system is completely opt-in, and your entire party needs enrage mode active to start an enraged dungeon, dying inside the Elite Dungeon with 0 Enrage or Enrage disabled means your loot will not be lost, this is a risk for reward system.

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