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Runique - Bug fixes (07/01/2023)

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It appears a few minor glitches were created during the last update (this was due to legacy code).

  • New accounts will no longer instantly be maxed out on Trained Accounts.
    • New Accounts on Trained Mode will now receive starters as they should have in the past.
  • Interfaces should no longer be broken for New Players (this is due to a bug with Battlepasses which has been identified and patched, during testing for upcoming changes).
  • An error with the Core Changes attempting to pull your passwords from a non-existent SQL Table has been rectified (this was not an issue from the Game Server to the main database, this was a failiure on the Rollover).


Later today, I will be attempting to strip username and passwords from JSON Files to automatically update any cached passwords through queries.




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