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Core Server changes (04/01/2023)

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Previously we stored accounts in 3 different ways and only used a single method, today Runique has been updated to strictly store players via databases, and JSON Files are used to stored objects (Friends, Banks, etc etc), this has been done in an effort to create login synchronization, between Runique and Ancestral, whilst implementing these changes, the database for the Game has been updated structurally.


Previously everything to do with your account was stored in a single table, this has now been split up into

  • Accounts
    • This handles sensitive information (encrypted), and other things shared across platforms (Ban/Mute status).
  • Runique
    • This handles your account data strictly for Runique, total donated, kill counts, etc etc
  • Ancestral
    • This handles your account data strictly for Ancestral, total donated, KDR, etc etc.

SQL Rollover has been added, if the Server is unable to communicate to the SQL Server, all changes to your account(s) will be stored in JSON Format, similar to how they worked before, however when the SQL Services become available again, it will update SQL Next time you login, this is to ensure in a failiure, we're still able to offer login and prevent loss of data.

With this, some users may find their passwords are now invalid, feel free to contact me directly to have your password changed.


JavaCord integration is underway, this is the platform we will be switching to, to send you real-time alerts about your account, trading post sales, bans/mutes, rare drops if the server thinks you're AFK, so you're able to see them, with this we will be looking at removing the "Security Pin" System in place for a One-time passcode, that the Discord bot will generate for you if connected to Discord, if you do not wish to opt-in for Discord integration, the Security Pin system will remain available.




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