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Ancestral (World 2)


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Hey guys,


It's currently 2:30AM at the time of writing, so please accept my apologies if I make some typing mistakes or somethings don't make sense (I'm more than happy to answer any questions in Discord and update this thread accordingly).


I was working on the Login Server and a new implementation of our Discord bot (Cleaner, Faster and a lot more integrated), whilst I wait to return home to work on Maps for our first Elite Dungeon.


Going forwards based on feedback, I will not be implementing a Login Server for Runique and Ancestral (World 2), instead I will just be implementing the shared Username and Passwords for both Worlds, I've taken a look at the Client code and I can change the login screen depending on the World you currently have it set to (yes this means the Iconic green background for Ancestral will be making it's debut return, it might be re-imagined, just for the sake of being clean).


I'm unsure whether people want the old clunky Ancestral combat system, or have the Runique one (OSRS) remain, this is up for discussion, but either way I'm happy to re-implement whatever, or update the Runique Combat system to be better in PvP, and I still have the Character back-up prior to the reset from 30th of September, 11:45PM (GMT) this is 15 Minutes prior to the economy reset, and I have a back-up of Runique from before the Economy changes started to take place (started on 15th of September 2022) however, this build does include combat changes, this is where I'm in need help from the Players.


As far as the Source code is concerned, if people do not want Ancestral's combat system to make a return, would you rather I work the current Runiques source code (most stable, currently live) and completely re-imagine and reinvigorate the server you once loved, with the return of your Characters? I'm open to all ideas and would personally love to work with the Community on finding the sweet spot, Runique is currently pending an update for a new Combat system, that splits PvP and NPC (Bosses/Slayer/Mobs) Combat even further, letting me manipulate combat even more so care free without breaking the other spectrum of Combat?


To clarify:

This means PvP Accounts, Spawning (for some items) would still be available on Ancestral, but not on Runqiue.




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