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Temporary Server outage


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Earlier today I was prompted by our provider to update our Webserver to the latest CentOS build if I hadn't done already, whilst doing this task, I decided to do normal maintenance duties a week earlier than usual, during this time I accidentally ran the wrong command and began an upgrade to CentOS 8, usually updating our software isn't an issue, so I continued with the maintenance as planned, however, I was unaware of the drastic changes in CentOS 8 (removal of YUM for DNF, and the fact that both CentOS 8  and CentOS Stream are already depreciated, and CentOS 7 is having continued support until 2025.) which led to multiple conflicts for our Server's infrastructure, which prevented me from updating software that runs the website that uses YUM instead of DNF, I tried to rectify the issue as quickly as possible, however I was required to re-install CenntOS back to baremental.


I've restored all possible web backups (Databases, Site files, Security settings) and the website is back to functioning as normal, some users (outside of the EU/UK) may have issues when loading the client, as there has been no Client update, your Client should continue to load as normal despite these errors.

The Game Server and Webserver are back to full functionality, additionally, I've made some minor (but crucial) changes to the websites infrastructure including a Content Delivery Network, meaning Images are cached to be delivered to you quicker.


I do apologize for any issues caused, and in the future I will double check upgrade paths before diving headfirst into them, this has been a learning experience for myself.




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