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New level Cap, Elite Dungeons & PvP Updates

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Previously before taking a break, I was lost and unsure what to do, so what did I do whilst I was away? I focused on myself, and I now feel mentally ready to start working on the server full time again.


So, I guess we should start in order, huh?


New level cap

Firstly I'd like to clarify, that the new level cap is not for all skills, so far only the following:

  • Crafting
  • Woodcutting
  • Fletching
  • Mining
  • Smithing
  • Herblore

These skills will have their level cap increased to 120, and only for trained accounts, PvP Accounts will be limited to 99, whilst none of the rewards for higher level levels are final, a few idea of these would be; :


  • New dragonhide armour set, to fill the gap between Karils, Armadyl and Pernix (this includes boots and shields too).
  • New type of Jewellery
  • New tier of Magic armour between Ahrim's and Virtus.

Woodcutting & Fletching

  • New logs for firemaking and fletching these new bows are aimed for PvP.

Mining and smithing

  • New types of ore made available to make Dragon armour to either sell or alch, possibly addition of a Eldritch ore (Barrows Armour)
  • Giants foundry minigame for new weapons (degradeable, PvM Only).
  • New types of Cannonballs available, every ore/bar past steel adding an addition 3 damage
    • Mithril cannonballs
      • Max hit: 33
    • Adamantite cannonballs:
      • Max hit: 36
    • Runite cannonballs:
      • Max hit: 39
    • Dragon cannonballs:
      • Max hit 42
    • Edlritch cannonballs
      • Max hit: 45


Herblore will see the release Elder overloads which are non-PvP Potions that can have other effects added to them, I.E Overload and antifire, Overload and Prayer Renewal, speaking of which Prayer Renewals will be available for use inside and outside of the Wilderness, restoring 3 Prayer points every 4 seconds.


Elite Dungeons

Elite dungeons will function similarly to the now discontinued Catacombs of the Forsaken, Elite Dungeons will have trash mobs, with a couple of bosses, when the dungeon is finished, will you receive a juicy reward, or junk?

When killing trash mobs (required to continue to the next room) inside of Elite Dungeons, their loot will remain a mystery until you check the chest at the end, where you have the option to withdraw your reward, or gamble it for another run, doing additional runs will increase the Enrange timer, which will greatly increase the amount of rewards you get, however... dying whilst on an Enranged run will destroy all loot inside your chest, will you take the risk?

But what makes them so "Enranged" the monsters found within the Elite Dungeons are without combat level, this means they are fully scaleable and you will never know whether you're fighting a level 3 mob or a level 300 mob.


So is this going to be the same thing over and over again?

When I update the client to the most latest OSRS Build for working TOA Animations, I don't think we will be updating the cache for a while (until the next new big thing comes out on OSRS), so I'm confident that we can start to add custom maps in custom regions, but that didn't answer your question yet, on original release of Elite Dungeons we will be releasing a single one until the System is perfectly balanced, after that, you can expect to see bi-monthly Elite Dungeon releases.


PvP Rejuvenation

During my time away I did implement PvE/PvP changes, this allows me to have the combat system work different (independently) from each other, meaning one weapon could be 3 tick in PvM, but 6 in PvP, so I look forwards to working with the Community to re-introduce their favorite parts of the old Combat for PvP.


With this, I never finished implementing my Revenant idea, so I would like to, and I think the first thing I'd like to do is add a rare drop to PvP, Wilderness Slayer and Revenants, which are "Godsword blessings", Godsword blessings are a consumable, much like Dex or Arcane prayer scrolls, once consumed you permanently unlock an effect, for Godsword blessings your special attack will turn Gold and deal additional max damage and any passive effects are increased by 25% (Healing, Freezing, Stat drains, or Ancient godsword, static damage of 25 increased to 30).


and I would like to take more rewards and changes from the PK'ers in coming days.



I was looking forwards to adding Bounty Hunter Craters, however, I think if we were to do that, I'd release it in the form of the Crucible from RS2, 1M entry fee, and any items carried are risked and the server will allocate you a partner, on death your target will receive your 1M Entry fee and your items, in the future, I will be implementing bounty hunter similarly to the proposed Bounty Hunter V3 on OSRS when we find out more information.


In the crucible there will be arenas, melee only, and brid, brid will have obstacles and permits the use of Ancient and Modern spells, the Melee only room will be similar to the tournament room and only allow Lunar spells and melee.




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