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Merry Christmas Runique


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Merry Christmas Runique!


I know I've been MIA for a little bit, but life and illnesses have caught up with me.


I'd like to announce on the 1st of January, my normal duties will start again as they did as before, hopefully giving the server the correct reboot that is required, I've had a ton of time to recover from my illnesses, catch up on some OSRS Things, do some research of my own.


Whilst I make no promises as to what to expect, in the coming weeks we will openly discuss the path of the Server, for those who feel I ghosted you I'm sorry, I've done the best I can, first came the demotivation, then came the illnesses.


Whilst I aim for everything to be back to normal come January, my father is having a major operation on 3 different hernias (this should have been a minor operation in the Summer), so I will be taking care of him for 3-8 Weeks, as well as regularly updating Runique.


This has been one hell of a year, and let's hope next year is a better one!




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