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World 2 (PvP) Progress

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It's been about a month since the Economy reset, and probably just as long since we spoke about World 2 (or well near enough).


So whilst I have a back up of the code (It's fully functional) and would cost no extra amount to run, I've been touching it here and there, I should clarify a few things;


it won't be a 1:1 replica before the eco reset/rewrite, some things like the Shop system, PKP System (fire sale systems) too would need to be updated, today I've spent a couple of hours on getting the server better backwards compatible with our current client.


Somethings that have been updated:

  • The toggle to "Test world" has been removed from the World switcher, and will be accessible in the future by F11 and the Developer world has had it's command changed.
  • The client is aware of the world it's connected to, so we can send separate data to it (very useful for Spawn system between World 1 and 2).


However, with this comes with a new issue - Login details, there's 2 ways I can deal with this.

  • Move login details to a SQL Server
    • This means login details can be shared between both servers
    • Allow you to store details differently for World 1 and 2, and have the client switch between accounts based on your current world selection, I.E
      World 1:
      • User: Elfinlocks
      • Password: helloworld
      • Elfinlocks1
      • Password: helloworld1
      • Elfinlocks2
      • Password: helloworld2
    • World 2:
      • User: Elfinlocks
      • Password: helloworld4
      • Elfinlocks1
      • Password: helloworld5
      • Elfinlocks2
      • Password: helloworld

A Poll will be opened within our Discord server under world-2-discussion (Join our Discord here;  https://discord.gg/EtQM2wmZdt)



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