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Emergency update


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Last week there was an issue reported, which I identified as the Server acting weird due to improper use of Garbage collection, this was incorrect (but that patch is still OK to use, it does it's job and does it well).


The following patches have been applied:

  • The Raids Party system has been updated to have it's own Controller alongside the existing System, the Controller is to prevent bug abuse (recently found a couple of Dupes through it, this was my bad when I moved Raids to Home, I never thought about repercussions of other things)
    • This fixes the issue where you can log out anywhere (or die anywhere) and have it treated as a safe death.
    • This fixes the issue where the Raids interface will pop up whilst interacting with other Objects around the Game.
  • A similar glitch has been identified (potential dupe) using the Teleport interface (in proper checks) this has been updated to have proper checks in place when teleporting.
  • An issue with gaining experience from Thieving and Agility (and many other Skills) have been identified and patched.
  • An issue with sending items to your bank has been patched.
  • Identified issues with the JDA API, has been updated to the most recent release.
  • Quartz has been updated to the latest library, any relevant code requiring updates have been updated.


In other news, Battlepass experiences have been increased.


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