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Nex changes, Double drop lamp changes, Repair costs reductions and Food & Potions price changes


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The following changes have been applied to Nex:

  • Angel of Death drop table has been moved to Nex's drop table (same drop rates as Nex AOD).
  • Angel of Death drop table has been made 10x More common, on Angel of Death only!
  • Nex now scales based on the amount of players in the room:
    • Nex
      • 500 Health for every player inside of the Room when it spawns (Nex's health cap is still 3,200).
      • The next phase of Nex will start everytime Nex loses 20% of her health, example solo:
        • 400 HP is Fumus phase
        • 300 HP is Cruor phase
        • 200 HP is Umbra phase
        • 100 HP is Glacies phase
        • Under 100HP is Turmoil phase (final phase).
      • With this change the amount of damage dealt (for a drop) has been reduced from 100 to 50.
    • Minions
      • 100 Health per a player inside the room.
    • Room changes;
      • Nex will despawn if no one is in the room.
      • Nex will start to spawn 17 Seconds after the first player has joined, and this timer will extend 17 Seconds for every new player that joins the room after, this is for the first kill only of a mass.
      • You can no longer join Nex midfight, unless you're returning from banking or have just died, remember as stated above, if you were the last person in the room the instance will wipe (which results in Nex despawning as stated above.).
      • When Nex dies the timer has been increased from ~25 Seconds to respawn, to 1 Minute, this is to allow people to bank and come back and new players to join the fight.
      • As normal Nex will not respawn if AOD is spawned, Angel of Death, Nex has remained unaffected by these changes, with the exception of items being more common as this is a scripted event.

Double drop lamps now work at the following (please let me know if I missed anything out!)

  • Nex
    • Angel of Death, Nex
  • Corporeal Beast
  • Donation Boss
  • Everlasting
    • Totemic spirit
  • Galvek
    • Dark sage's spirit
  • Glough
    • Sarkis spirit
  • Vote Boss



Repair price changes:

The format is:

  • Quote


    • Item Name
      • Old price
      • New price


  • Infernal cape
    • 250,000
    • 50,000
  • Ava's assembler & Imbued god capes
    • 75,000
    • 15,000
  • Avernic defender, Ava's assembler & Imbued god cape (max cape variants)
    • 250,000
    • 50,000
  • Void pieces (normal), Fighter torso
    • 4,000
    • 800
  • Penance pieces
    • 4,000
    • 100
  • Void pieces (Elite)
    • 75,000
    • 15,000
  • Torva Helm
    • 1,000,000
    • 100,000
  • Torva platebody & platelegs
    • 1,250,000
    • 250,000
  • Molten defender
    • 750,000
    • 150,000
  • Dragon boots (g)
    • 20,000
    • 4,000


In other news:

  • Food and potions shop has had their prices halved (on everything).
  • Identified issues with the Server whilst I was away (I was unable to recreate this issue), turns out I had Cron jobs through a third-party library setup incorrectly, which was spitting out errors (ironically warning on Server start up too), this has been addressed.
  • Proper garbage collection has been added.
  • Tertiary drops are kind of added, this is a message about them posted in Discord, whilst Tertiary drops may show up for some Mobs, the drops are not yet accessible.
    • Quote


      These are separate to normal drops, because the table is done differently, essentially we set the drop rate of the table (this will be base chance of 256, decreases with drop rate bonus), and the items on the table do not have a drop rate, it simply picks one at random, however this table also has an empty square, meaning you can still hit the table and get nothing. Why am I telling you this? It works differently to a normal drop table, it's rolled on-top of your drop https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Drops#Tertiary_drops
      I think it'll be useful going forwards with planned changes, also later tonight AOD's drop table will be moved to regular nex, and the drop rates at AOD have been halved.
      I will also be implementing a couple of changes to Nex, if there is no one in the room, she simply won't spawn (AOD is an exception to this as it's a scripted event), when Nex spawns she will scale to the amount of people inside of the room, and will not let anyone else join as the fight continues, if all players in the room leave/die, she will simply despawn.
      I'm thinking 500 HP Per a person inside the room, that means 100 HP Phase 1 (Fumus), 100 HP Phase 2 (Umbra), 100 HP Phase 3 (Cruor), 100 HP Phase 4 (Glacies), 100HP Final phase (Solo) (edited)
      and most likely add a cap to OSRS Nex's HP




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