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Hi Guys,


This is a quick thread to open up a public discussion for the Discord Server World 2 Discussion this thread will detail all of the important details, whilst the channel on Discord will open up the Server for discussion.

The proposal is to open a second world, this Server would be specifically designed for PvP with ALL Trained/Ironman accounts automatically deranked and switched to PvP, with this accounts restored to the 30th of September (11:45PM Game Time), (Rule breakers and those who have charged back would be wiped and banned still).

This means on the PvP World, Skilling supplies would be spawnable and Max Cape would be available for PvP Accounts, whilst keeping the Economy world online, additionally Donations are being turned off shortly (we will no longer accept Donations).

Additionally, the Client would be updated to load your "Favourited World", this means if you mostly intend on playing on the PvP Server, you can set your default World to PvP, in the future I will look at writing a Login Server so these accounts are connected.

Please let me know your thoughts on Discord in the world-2-discussion thread (again that's this link here https://discordapp.com/channels/771343845547704360/1032012169887367220)


In the future this means I can do full scale (normal) RSPS Development on World 1 and pure PvP updates on World 2 instead of trying to do both in one instance.




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