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Non-curated BINGO & Battlepasses


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Firstly I'd like to point out for some who don't fully understand what curated means, curated means hand-selected and organised, the systems I'm about to discuss and NON-curated, this means everything from the items needing to be collected and the rewards are randomly generated by the server (for the BINGO), and the Battle pass rewards would also be non-curated.


Monthly BINGO

Monthly BINGO would be among the first non-curated System, we would randomly selected 40 Items for you to collect throughout the month (if you're a casual player, that's under 2 Items a day).

  • 5 Beginner
  • 5 Easy
  • 10 Medium
  • 10 Hard
  • 10 Elite


Monthly BINGO will start and end a month from your first login after the update has dropped, unlike how BINGO's have worked previously, so if you login on the 16th of November, it will run until the 16th of December, due to limitations with Java, if your BINGO would end on the 28th, 29th, 30th or 31st it would be adjusted to end on the 1st of the Month afterwards (or possibly the 27th).

Like current BINGOs we continue to store the information on your account, well this would be costly to us in the future, so after a month of that BINGO ending, we will remove if from your account, this gives you exactly ONE Month to claim your BINO Rewards should you forget to whilst it's active.

Curated community BINGO

Curated community BINGOs would be enabled for Community building and around Seasonal Holidays, as explained above Curated means Hand selected and organized, so whilst items may be harder, there may be fewer items to collect and the reward would be much greater, curated bingos would last between statically set dates, I.E start on the 1st of December and end on the 1st of January.


Battle passes

Now with the systems that would be in place for the non-curated BINGO, we would also be able to create a similar system for the Monthly battle passes, if we were to go down this route, there would be a temporary pause on the Development of the Seasonal Battle pass as the Season passes would be curated unlike the Monthly Pass, our target date for Seasonal Passes would be Spring (March 20th), these would be curated anyway.

Monthly passes would be non curated, you would be guaranteed a "Major" reward every 10 levels, these rewards either have 

These would be generated similarly to how Clue Rewards are, without giving too much of the maths away, the required level would be an increasing factor for the rewards to increase.

Similarly to the BINGO system, these would last for 1 Month after your initial login, I.E login on the 25thf of November and your Battlepass will run until the 25th of December, giving you an additional 1 Month after to claim your rewards from the previous battle pass. 


Well if the Rewards are random, how will I know if I want to purchase Premium?

You will be able to see your lined up premium rewards, prior to purchasing Premium for that Battlepass.

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