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Angel of Death, Nex, Home and Raid QoL & Clue Scrolls


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Angel of Death, Nex

Angel of Death, Nex is the superior version of Nex, Angel of Death Nex (AoD), has a spawn rate of 1/16 (this may be lowered in the future).

Unlike Nex, AOD drops Torva (non damaged), Pernix and Virtus, like their melee counter part these items also allow you to over heal to 138 Hitpoints (Assuming your HP level is 99), Note: Twisted ancestral (I) and Enchanted Armadyl have had their stats reduced in line with Ancestral (I) to make sure that both Virtus and Pernix are BIS in PvP.

AOD Unique drops are as follows:

  • Magic equipment
    • Fractued staff of Armadyl
      • Autocasts: Storm of Armadyl without runes in PvM and PvP.
    • Virtus wand
      • BIS main-hand wand
    • Virtus codex
      • BIS off-hand shield for Magic.
    • Virtus mask
    • Virtus robe top
    • Virtus robe
    • 4sn6gjN.png
  • Ranged equipment
    • Marksman ring
      • BIS Ranged ring
    • Pernix Cowl
    • Pernix body
    • Pernix chaps
    • IGyCRW3.png


Remember although the drops may seem high rated, if there is multiple of 10's killing the boss, the rate technically (overall) is X Amount of players killing Nex, example drops go from 1/XXXX to 10/XXXX if there is 10 people killing the boss.


Clue Scrolls

Some of you may have noticed that Raids and various NPC's drop clue scrolls, you can open them for some rewards, which may become useful in the next coming weeks, even if you think it won't be.

  • All clue scrolls are now stackable.
  • Clue scrolls now act as caskets and can be opened for a ton of rewards (OSRS Rewards).



Home & Raid Changes

  • Raids can now be started at Home at the "Raids portal" which has now replaced the "Runique teleporter".
    • with this some new Party system adaptations have been added:
    • Quick join
    • Quick start
  • The Forge table can now be found inside the building with the Furnace and Anvil.


Client changes:

  • A bug where updating to the latest cache variant deleted your saved quick-prayers, F-Keys and kept old Version files have been patched (this last one is important because it meant some older machines mainly Windows 7 and XP had to redownload the cache everytime there was an update.
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