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Client Updates & H'ween box/chest price change


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  • Client Update log:
  • The following Definitions now load through the Cache in a more sensible fashion:
    • Item
    • NPCs
    • Objects
    • Floor
    • Animations
    • Graphics
  • Aesthetic changes:
    •  Client background has been updated (removing the large 13MB GIF for Halloween, sorry about that people with slow internet/low free memory/low free storage)
    •  The login screen has received a makeover:
      •   Before:
        •   vS84KYJ.png
    •   After
      •    4uwf25X.png
    • The Discord icon will load up the Runique discord invitation.
    • The News icon (Brown star) will open up Runique's homepage.
    • The World Map button will switch between the Live Game and Test World (Previously known as the BETA Server), the hot keys still exist.
    • You can now see which world you're attempting to login to underneath these 3 icons.
    • Account Manager
      • When successfully logging into an account, we store your username and password, you can store up-to 3 accounts, these can be found below the login box.
    • A few login messages have been updated:
    • The server is currently under maintenance, Please try again later. -> The server is currently under maintenance. Please check Discord for more information.
    • An updated client is available. Please update your client on the website -> A new version of the client is available. Please restart the client!
    • Your account has been banned. Please check the website for more details -> Your account has been disabled, please open a ticket on Discord for more information.
    • Your computer has been banned. -> Your PC has been banned from Runique, please open a ticket on Discord for more information.
    • Your host-address has been banned. -> Your IP has been banned from Runique, please open a ticket on Discord for more information.
    • Could not complete login, Please check the Discord server -> Could not complete login, if this issue persists, please open a ticket on Discord.
    • Your computer has been UUID banned, please open an appeal on the forums -> Your computer has been blocked from playing Runique, Please open on a ticket on Discord for more information.
    • After a change in the Client code last week, some NPC's and Items had the incorrect names (especially custom Items/NPC's that clone another Item/NPC), these have been fixed (Example divine and sanguine divine, showing as Elysian spirit shield on the Client side).
    • Some interfaces have been cleaned up, hopefully to speed up client loading times and reduce memory usage when running the client.
  • Server changes:
    • Halloween mystery boxes and chests now cost significantly less based off yesterdays changes (in-game)
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