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Runique - Rune Pouch fixes, PvP Account modes disabled


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Firstly I'd like to say, that even though the Instant PK'er mode has been disabled, if you are an existing Instant PK'er you are free to continue to use your mode to PK or play the game as normal, so let's dive into why it's been disabled shall we?


It's clear that people aren't happy with the recent changes to the Economy, whilst I feel this is for the best, I also want to revisit PvP as a whole soon, but first we need to get the Server into a state where it can grow, so I've gone ahead and disabled the Instant PK'er mode, if you wish to, you can switch from the Instant PK'er game mode to a Trained Account (you will keep your stats from doing this), however all "(PvP)" Items will be removed from your Inventory, Equipment and Bank when doing so, and you will not be able to change back until the Instant PK Mode is re-enabled.


That's a load of "things and stuff" but it doesn't really explain why I feel it's necessary, I would rather be able to make the Server grow and let the the economy grow naturally then try to base content changes, economy changes around the PvP System, so I believe if we do this for a month or two, we will be able to revisit the Instant PK Game Mode alongside the changes to the game that need to be carried out to let it flourish to it's full potential.


Rune Pouch Changes:

  • All rune pouches have been removed from Tournament presets.
    • Instead of adding Runes to presets, these have been replaced with either Vengeance skull or Blighted ice sacks.
  • How rune pouch works inside of "Presets Manager" has been updated, your runes should no longer get deleted.
    • Appropriate security checks and item search functions have been added, previously it would just spawn them into your pouch, we now search your bank.
  • Your runes should no longer get deleted on Death (outside of PvP).
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