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Angel of Death, Nex drop confirmed, Wilderness slayer cave changes & Battle passes


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Getting back to Semi Custom content

Firstly I'd like to point out I understand how frustrating/boring the game is currently now that it has OSRS Drop tables, but this was a necessary change, and I'd like to spend some time talking about how we plan on bringing back the semi-custom feel to PvM, so without further ado, let's get stuck in:


Angel of Death, Nex drop table confirmations:

  • Pernix equipment (including quiver) will all be dropped in a (Broken) state requiring Armadyl to repair them or a Ava's assembler for the Quiver.
  • Virtus equipment (Including wand) will all be dropped in a (Broken) state requiring Ancestral to repair them or a Kodai wand to repair the Virtus wand.
  • Torva equipment (Including boots) will be dropped in a (Broken) state requiring Bandos to repair them or a pair of Primordial boots for the boots.
  • Ancient signet (Uncharged)
    • Requires 500 Nihil shards to recharge.
    • Other changes changes:
      • Ancient signet will no longer be able to be attached to Zenyte jewellery or Zaryte crossbow, these items can have Blighted crests attached to them instead.
  • Orb of Armadyl
    • Orb of Armadyl can be used on a Nightmare staff to create the "Staff of Armadyl" which can auto-cast "Storm of Armadyl" even in PvP, requiring no runes.
  • Orb of Guthix
    • The orb of Guthix can be used with a Bowfa to create a "Guthix bow" a Guthix bow gains the passive crystal effect when wearing crystal armour, this bow requires no ammunition and has the same special attack as the "Elemental crossbow" which inflicts a bleed for 5-10 seconds dealing 4-16 Damage a ticket.
  • Creating a Fractured staff of Armadyl
    • Using the new "Combine" function on the Nihil shards with a Staff of Armadyl in your inventory with an Uncharged ancient signet, would create a Fractured staff of Armadyl, this staff has a greater max hit, and has a special attack "Armadyl's silence"
      • Ze8Nuwm.png


Proposed changes for Sanguine and Ancient items

  • Upon death Sanguine items would become "(Broken)" these would require 100 Vials of Blood to repair, similar to how Sarkis, Totemic and Dark Sage (G) work these would require to be recharged even IN PvM Deaths, this creates a constant supply and demand for Vials of Blood making the Theatre of Blood more profitable, this also includes Sanguinesti staff (and it's other variants).
  • Upon death Ancient items would become "(Broken)" these would require 150 Nihil shards to repair, similar to how the proposed changes to Sanguine items would work these would require to be recharged even IN PvM Deaths, this creates a constant supply and demand for Nihil shards making the Nex more profitable, this would also include the Blighted zaryte crossbow.


Going forwards

Wilderness Slayer Cave

  • The Wilderness Slayer Cave already exists in Runique (Under Slayer/Training teleports), inside this cave you can find the following (same as OSRS):
    • Abyssal demons
    • Ankou
    • Bandits
    • Black Demons
    • Black Dragons
    • Dust Devil
    • Greater Demons
    • Greater Nechryael
    • Green Dragons
    • Hellhounds
    • Fire giants
    • Jellies
    • Lesser Demons
  • This is pretty boring stuff, so I'd like to introduce a re-work to this cave and introduce some new NPC's, these will be known as "Blighted" Variants, and some will be completely new
    • Before going further, there will be tertiary drops (this means these items are dropped by ALL NPC's in the Cave), these drops are as follows:
      • Blighted ornament kit
        • Blighted ornament kits can be used to upgrade the following (warning: dying in PvP whilst risking these items will result in losing the ornament kit + items used to create it, the killer will receive the kit):
          • Blighted abyssal whip
            • Blighted abyssal whip
              • Abyssal whip x 2
              • Ornament kit
          • Blighted abyssal tentacle
            • Requirements:
              • Abyssal whip
              • Abyssal tentacle
              • Kraken tentacle
              • Ornament kit
          • Corrupted god books
            • Balance
              • Even across the board shield.
            • Darkness
              • BIS Magic off-hand (untradeable) an in-between Arcane and Ward of Elidinis
            • Law
              • BIS Ranged off-hand between Twisted buckler and Spectral spirit shield.
            • War
              • BIS Melee off-hand for accuracy.
            • Holy
              • BIS off-hand prayer bonus.
            • Unholy
              • BIS off-hand for Strength bonus.
        • Crest pieces:
          • Dragons will drop Crest piece (3)
          • Demons (including the Abyssal Orphans) will drop Crest piece (2)
          • Everything else will drop Crest piece (1)
    • Blighted abyssal orphans (Level-248)
      • Noteable drops:
        • Abyssal bludgeon (pieces)
        • Abyssal dagger
        • Abyssal whip
        • Twisted spine
          • Can be attached to Imbued heart to create Twisted heart.
        • Abyssal page
          • Can be used on a Mage's book to create a Abyssal mage's book, which offers unlimited law runes and better magic bonuses.
    • Blighted water giants
      • Noteable drops:
        • Colossal blade (broken)
          • Can be repaired to a tradeable and wieldable state at repair stand for 750,000 Blood money.
        • Double ammo mould (used to make cannon balls quicker and give twice as many).
        • Tome of Water (Unlimited water runes + 5% Damage/Accuracy to Water/Ice spells).
    • Blighted black demons
      • Noteable drops:
        • Ancient ballista spring
    • Blighted greater demon (replaces Lesser demons/Greater demons)
      • Noteable drops:
        • Ancient ballista frame
    • Blighted dust devil:
      • Noteable drops:
        • Ancient ballista limbs
    • Blighted hellhounds
      • Noteable drops:
        • Infernal stone
          • This item can be used on a Imbued heart to create a Twisted heart.
    • Blighted dark beast
      • Noteable drops:
        • Drops Dark bow imbuement scroll
        • Dark bow paints (special attacks)
          • White:
            • Freeze your opponent for 30 Seconds.
          • Green:
            • Inflict venom on your opponent.
          • Yellow:
            • Reduce your opponents prayer points by the damage dealt.
          • Blue:
            • Increase your prayer by the amount of damage dealt.
    • Blighted dust devil:
      • Noteable drops:
        • Imbued ancient staff
    • Blighted brutal green dragon (replaces Green dragons)
      • Noteable drops:
        • Blighted green dragonhide armour (previously Elvarg d'hide)
    • Blighted brutal lava dragons (replaces Black dragons)
      • Noteable drops:
        • Dragonfire upgrade scroll
          • Consuming this scroll will allow you to recharge your Dragonfire shield special attack 50% Faster.
    • Blighted lava giants (replaces Fire giants)
      • Noteable drops:
        • Colossal blade (broken)
          • Can be repaired to a tradeable and wieldable state at repair stand for 750,000 Blood money.
        • Double ammo mould (used to make cannon balls quicker and give twice as many).
        • Tome of Fire
    • P

Battle pass

Firstly I'd like to start by pointing out there will be two-types of Battlepasses, Seasonal & Monthly, what's the difference?

  • Seasonal Battlepasses
    • Seasonal battle last for 3 Months each (Quarter of a year), these will be a slow and painful grind if you're someone who is just grinding out the Battlepass for rewards.
  • Monthly Battlepasses
    • Monthly battlepasses are as described, they reset on the 1st of every month, and offer new rewards every month, when in conjunction with a Holiday month, example March/April (Easter), October (Halloween), December (Christmas) the rewards for that months season pass will become tailored to the Holiday in that month (but not all rewards will be.)

How do I get a paid battlepass?

  • Monthly: 4,000 Donator tickets or 20$ from the Runique store.
  • Seasonal: 10,000 Donator tickets or 50$ From the Runique store.

Can Battlepasses be used for anything else other then activating a season pass?

  • You can purchase additional battle passes to advance 10 levels in your season pass.


  • Players will not be able to use Seasonal pass when there's 20 Days or less remaining of the Season pass (Except for gaining levels).
  • Players will not able to use Monthly passes when there's 7 days or less remaining of the Monthly pass (Except for gaining levels).


Is this paid content only?

No absolutely not, this is for the grinders who want to receive extra rewards for their hard work or need more motivation to grind, as always there will be a Free alternative (for all players).




Battlepass (protection)

So to avoid abuse, I won't be going into super detail about how it works, but if you do not claim a Monthly/Season pass reward (past Level 1), you will receive your half the value of your pass back in Donator Tickets when the monthly/season pass ends, this is so those who are not able to fully participate in their bought pass do not feel ripped off, things happen IRL and we'll try our best to help you out as much as we can, but also being fair to the game.

You will be given a choice to activate your pass again for the next Battlepass (free of charge) or receive a in-game donator ticket refund.


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