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Halloween (Updated info)


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Halloween is creeping in...


So let's go over the activities Halloween will be bringing shall we?





During the course of the Halloween event all PKP Received from PK'ing will be doubled, for each non farmed killed you will receive some Tokens, beware though, your skills do reflect on the amount of tokens you receive!

And there are a few extra rewards to gain whilst doing PvP in the Wilderness (although these can be gotten other ways too):

  • Fawkes (H'ween)
  • Armadyl godsword (H'ween)
  • Haunted crossbow
  • Dragon claws (H'ween)
  • Granite maul (H'ween)
  • Bulk tokens
  • H'ween mystery chest


In addition to this there will be a "Bloody Wilderness Key" spawn every 2 hours, the Bloody Wilderness Key have increased rewards over the regular Wilderness key and holds some special loot!


Note: Tokens are guaranteed, rare drops are 1/12, also if you risk over 500,000 Blood Money tokens will be doubled.


Whilst doing PvM you will find a chance (1/4) of receiving Halloween tokens, these tokens are equal to the amount of NPC's combat level (capped at 150), however if you're killing monsters in the Wilderness the rate is increased to 1/2 (50%), and are doubled.

Fighting bosses will guarantee tokens on every kill (caped at 600), and yet again if they were doubled in the Wilderness!

Alongside PvM there's some new rewards (similar to PvP):

  • Green Zriawkes
  • H'ween weapons:
    • blowpipe (Deals extra 10% damage over October)
    • Wilderness weapons:
      • Craw's bow (H'ween)
      • Viggora's chainmace (H'ween)
      • Thammaron's sceptre (H'ween)
        • Alongside this (C) Versions will be available and a one time Halloween sarkis bow, Totemic mace and Dark sage's sceptre, to exchange these with myself or Barrowsgloves, you require the following:
          • Sarkis bow
            • 1x Sarkis bow
            • 5x Craw's bow (C, H'ween)
          • Totemic mace
            • 1x Totemic mace
            • 5x Viggora's chainmace (C, H'ween)
          • Dark sage's sceptre
            • 1x Dark sage's scepter
            • 5x Thammaron's scepter (C, H'ween)
          • Note: This is 1 of each for the entire Server, so these will be EXTREMELY rare.



Whilst skilling you have a chance to obtain whatever you're doing required level (x1.5) as a reward, example: Making super combats? You can get 135 Tokens, this is at a rate of 1/20.


Nightmares are a hunter activity, that starts at 7PM Game Time and ends at 7AM Game Time.

Nightmares require no hunter level to catch and reward 120,000 Hunter experience each, they can be found across the Game World (200 World Spawns) and inside the Wilderness (offering double the rewards), when a Nightmare is caught another one will spawn elsewhere in the game after 2 Minutes, (100 Spawned in the Wild, respawns after 1 minute), Nightmares have a chance of giving you the Memory of Nightmares pet

Memory of Nightmares (Pet)

  • +3 Magic and Ranged max hit
  • + 2 Melee max hint
  • 12.5% Accuracy for all attack styles.
  • Acts as a Squirt pet / Ring of Vigor


Halloween Taskmaster

The Halloween task master can assign both Halloween and normal tasks but give the same rewards, however Halloween themed tasks will result in more Halloween tokens.

Similar to the Taskmaster found east of Edgeville, you'll be given a choice of PvP, PvM or Skilling tasks, and be offered a slew of rewards, these are mostly cosmetic:

  • Scythe
  • Pumpkin
  • H'ween masks (of all varietys)
  • Jack lantern mask
  • Zombie head
  • Black h'ween mask
  • Grim reaper hood
  • Anti-panties
  • Gravedigger outfit pieces
  • Banshee outfit pieces
  • Jonas mask
  • Clown outfit pieces
  • Spooker outfit pieces
  • Spookier outfit pieces
  • Eek the spider
  • Pumpkin lanter
  • Skeleton lantern
  • Headless head
  • Haunted wine bottle
  • Saucepan
  • Ugly halloween jumper
  • Halloween paint
    • Halloween paint can be used to recolor the following, which will deal an extra 5% of Damage in PvM over October (on top of their normal effects):
      • Void:
        • Regular
        • Elite
      • Ancestral
      • Totemic
      • Dark sage
      • Sarkis
      • Max cape (3 different variants, to match Armadyl, Bandos and Ancestral colors)
      • Armadyl armour
      • Bandos armour
      • Holy rapier
      • Holy sanguinesti staff
      • Pegasian boots
        • These boots give a permanent extra 7.5% Damage and Accuracy increase for ranged in PvM, 2% in PvM
      • Primordial boots
        • These boots give a permanent extra 7.5% Damage and Accuracy increase for Melee in PvM, 2% in PvM
      • Eternal boots
        • These boots give a permanent extra 7.5% Damage and Accuracy increase for Magic in PvM, 2% in PvM
      • Twisted slayer helm (Zuk)
        • Using the dye on the Twisted slayer helm make it Special Tradeable (Auto-keep, but tradeable).
      • Mythical boots
        • Using the dye on the Mythical boots make them Special Tradeable (Auto-keep, but tradeable).
      • Twisted bow (I)
        • Using the dye on the Twisted bow make it Special Tradeable (Auto-keep, but tradeable)
  • Purple twisted bow dye
  • Orange twisted bow dye


 Halloween forges

  • Fused fawkes (Halloween)
    • Green fawkes
    • Green zriawkes
  • Craw's bow (C, H'ween)
  • Viggora's chainmace (C, H'ween)
  • Thammaron's sceptre (C, H'ween)
  • Enchanted chest (H'ween)
    • This is made by forging 5 H'ween boxes.
  • Gleaming Enchanted Chest (H'ween)
    • This is made by Forging 2 Enchanted Chests


 Boxes and Mystery Chests

All items will be available in Mystery boxes and Mystery chests

  • H'ween mystery boxes will work like any other mystery box.
  • H'ween enchanted chest will work to previous enchanted chest:
    • 1 Garuanteed mega roll
    • 4x Rare or higher rolls.
  • H'ween gleaming enchanted chest:
    • 1 Garuanteed mega roll
    • 4x Random loot (Rare or higher).


  H'ween token shop

The halloween store will have 2 variants, a Fire Sale store rotating it's goods every 12 hours and regular store, the Firesale store will always be 10% Cheaper, but stocks may vary depending on there rarity.


Global & Daily bosses, Extra Events, PvP Hotspots

A new rotation of hot spot areas will be available, PK'ing in these areas will greatly reward PK'ers:

  • Graveyard of Shadows
  • Ruins (North of Graveyard of Shadows)
  • East Dragons
  • WEst dragons
  • Scorpion pit
  • Fogotten Cemetary
  • Mage Bank

Global bosses:

  • Scurrdy Cat
    • Scurrdy cat will spawn in the same place as Vote and Donation boss, as an out of wild alternative to the next boss (items are more rare from this boss)
  • Jack'o kraken
    • The Jack'o kraken will spawn in the middle of the lava maze's lava, with explosive rewards, and a chance to spawn a superior version, the rewards are worth it, Players will be skulled, and a trinket is reward, with a 2 Minute (forced) Teleblock, Nifflers will not work on this boss.

Daily boss - Flying Pumpkin

  • The flying pumpkin boss has some cool rewards too, designed for people who can't actively play during the event, you will be able to login and kill the Flying pumpkin once a day, with a chance to receive a Flying pumpkin pet
    • The flying pumpkin pet increases all token drops by 25-50% (even OVER the previously stated cap in PvM).
    • All damage dealt in PvM will be increased by 15% for the month of October.
  • Every 13 Flying pumpkins will active World Luck (Tier 2)
    • Chance of Tier 3 instead
  • Note: This even is limited to one per a person.

Donation boss changes over October:

  • Every time the Donation boss is spawned a 1 Hour of Tier 4 Luck will be activated.
    • Chance of Tier 5 instead
  • The boss will be replaced with a halloween variant offering rolls from the normal Donator boss table and a new H'ween event themed table.

Vote boss changes over October:

  • Every time the Vote boss is spawned a 1 Hour of Tier 3 Luck will be activated.
    • Chance of Tier 4 instead.
  • The boss will be replaced with a halloween variant offering rolls from the normal Donator boss table and a new H'ween event themed table.






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