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Runique - Discord Bot updates


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Hi guys,


Last night while working on the new website, I accidentally removed some very important Discord Bot (tokens) which resulted in the Discord Support Ticket, Website & the Game Server bots to cease working.


This issue has been resolved, and shortly (as I'm currently being Rate limited) by Discord the following bot name changes should take place on Discord, but whilst we're here, I want to inform you of the changes, and what each Discord bot does specifically.

  • The bot named "Runique" should change to "Runique - Game Server" within the next 24 Hours, this is the primary Discord bot that parses all of the Server information to both a staff discord for log purposes (including Server errors) and parsing on other information to the Public Discord server, such as Rare drops, tournaments, hot spots, PvP related information (Shutdowns, Killstreaks and Deaths).
    • When this Discord bot is online, it means the Game Server is also online.
  • The bot named "Runique Support" should change to "Runique - Support" within the next 24 Hours, this is the primary bot that accepts, parses and notifies staff about Tickets, this hasn't changed much except for a few end-point updates.
    • The previous bots:
      • "Runique"
      • "Runique Announcements"
      • "Runique Web"
    • Have all been replaced with "Runique Web Updates", this should change to "Runique - Web" within the next 24 Hours, this bot is our primary Web bot that delivers all website notifications to Runique's discord, and handles delivery of the following to the Discord server:
      • Announcements -> 📣|announcements (text channel)
      • Game Updates -> 🆕|updates (text channel)
      • Developer Blogs -> 🔜|developer-blogs (text channel)
      • Knowledge Base (Articles) -> 📖|knowledge-base (text channel)
    • The changes to the Web bots should ensure that all web-related information is easily accessible through our Discord, rather then being confused by 20-30 useless categories.


The "Runique - Game Server" has had some experimental features added to it, which are not yet enabled in-game, such as Discord account linking to replace the current "Account pin" system, sending a One-time passcode to your Discord DM's in order to login, in the future we will be looking at introducing Google Auth support, with the beginning of Discord integration, we plan in the future to send notifications for when your Donations and Votes are ready to be claimed., and if you've been naughty, send information about any punishments against you to your Discord.

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